Walking on Clouds

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The fiery red canopy of leaves were shimmering in the breeze.

Tara was enjoying lying on her back on the soft grass, pretending that she was in her own little world.

Everything was almost perfect. The only thing wrong was that instead of wearing her favorite, snuggly warm hoodie, she was wearing a t-shirt. It wasn’t supposed to be 80 degrees in the Fall. But it is what it is, at least she could still enjoy the beauty of the leaves.

Most of all, she couldm’t deny the joy of the floating sensation that had filled her heart since last night. It felt like she was walking on cotton candy clouds.

Closing her eyes, she let the memories dance through her mind again.

Going to the club had been Shannon’s idea, Tara wasn’t thrilled about it, but she had nothing else to do so why not. It turned out to be the best decision she had made. When the 6ft guy with the enchanting smile walked up to her at the table and asked if he could sit down, all she could do was simply nod.

Her heart had begun skipping beats and it was not like her to fall for someone so quickly. There was just something about him. His name was Trevor and conversation flowed so naturally. It didn’t feel like they had just met, it was like she had met him before, but where?

They had talked and danced into the early morning hours and he was a true gentleman the whole time. Tonight she would be seeing him again. Who knew what this could be the start of. All she knew was that she was ready to get started!

For the past year she had been so ferhoodled over guys. The identical twins Clay and Ray had messed with her head. They were such schnickelfritz’es. Always switching places with each other, and driving her crazy!

She had been dating Clay but Ray had filled in different times until she finally wisened up to their tricks and left them both broken hearted.

They were in her past now and she was ready to be swept away by someone new. Someone tall, dark and handsome. Yes, just like the movies, but this was real life.

Standing up she twirled around with the red and gold leaves swirling in the air, anticipation rising in her heart.

**the terms ferhoodled and schnickelfritz are fun Pa.Dutch words meaning confused and troublemaker.**

47 thoughts on “Walking on Clouds

  1. I don’t mean to be a schnickelfritz, but I’m ferhoodled.

    First, 80 degrees is a perfect temperature for any time of the year.

    Second, how can dancing until the early morning be a fun way to spend an evening? It sounds painful.

    I think Clay and Ray sound like they would be a lot more fun to hang out with, and maybe do some pranks together… πŸ™‚

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  2. What’s odd about 80 degrees in the fall? That sounds like Christmas weather to me.

    Tara hadn’t yet found out about Trevor’s identical twin brother Wevor yet, so she still assumes she was dating one wonderful guy.

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