Friday’s Super Short Stories!

When fiction mirrors real life … a lot of my stories have been inspired by true events.

(Like the character Cara, when I was a 20 year old waitress I had a customer who loved putting signs on my car. The restaurant staff and regular customers were often entertained by it … One day I had some of my regular customers smiling and telling me they had teeth. Other guys would look at my name tag and smile big. I got suspicious and when I had a chance ran to my car. BIG sign, “Waitress looking for boyfriend, all he needs to have is teeth and a job. Inquire within, ask for Carolyn.” So yes, pranks have been part of my life for a LONG time!

80 degrees in October! … Why am I not back at the beach?

When awakened by the loud roar of a motorcyle down my street … I prefer waking slowly to Folger’s in my cup.

47 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. In high school, I had a friend who would lean over and honk my car horn at inopportune times, like when someone was crossing in the crosswalk in front of me. If you could have seen some of the dirty looks I got. I wanted to roll down my window and say, “That wasn’t me. It was my dumb friend.”

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  2. I am sure you were not just onthe receiving end of pranks. Seemsl ike that was a fun restaurant to work at. I am a big fan of pranks, perhaps that may be why April 1 is one of my favorite days of the year.

    Love this warm weather!

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  3. 80 degrees!!! We’ve already had our first snow. And since the handle broke off the cup on my cheapo espresso machine, I’ve started pressing my coffee in the morning. I’d forgotten how much I like pressed coffee. Though I do have to remember not to drink the very last bit… or to pick all the espresso grinds out of my teeth.

    And when awakened by the loud roar of a motorcycle down my street… oops. It’s probably me.

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