Into the Great Beyond!

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The glowing lights looked pretty cool. Looking around she was proud of how it all had turned out. They had worked a long time in designing and constructing it.

“What do you think? Are you ready to try it out? Just don’t go too far without me.” Her eyes held a spark of playfulness in them.

Kevin smiled. “We make a good team! Its awesome. Good work partner! Thanks for helping. I think we should have one,” he said, with a wink.

“You are welcome, it was fun and …. I will collect my payment for my hours of work, don’t worry.” Her face began to blush at the broad smile on his face and light in his eyes.

“1….2…3…! Takeoff!” Brody shot his birthday rocket into the air as his friends cheered.

They all sang Happy Birthday and the alien cake looked so cool! Brody was beaming! This was the bestest birthday yet.

If only he could figure out how to send his pesty sister into the air like his rocket, then it would be perfect!

Brody spent all afternoon playing with his friends dressed in a spacesuit costume. He knew what he was being for Halloween! Or maybe he should get an alien costume and try to scare people. That would be fun, especially scaring his little sister. Girls scared so easily. Yes, he had to ask his Mom for an alien costume, just to hear his litrle sister squeal!

After a birthday supper of hot dogs and mac and cheese they played some games and then watched one of Brody’s favorite Outerspace movies.

“Bedtime Birthday Boy!’ His Mom nudged him awake. He had fallen asleep on her. His Dad carried him up and his Mom followed. When they entered his room he shot up in his Dad’s arms.

“Wow!! A spaceship bed!”

Brody jumped on the bed. This was sooo cool!

“I LOVE IT! Thanks Mom and Dad!”

There were hugs and Brody even let himself be kissed. He was a big 10 year old now! He and his spaceship were going to rule the world!

Turning to his co-pilot he asked, ‘Are you ready?”

She raised her hoof in the air and they were off, headed for dreamland! Brody and his spacecow! No other astronauts had a spacecow. He was sure NASA would be calling soon. They would offer him a … ZZZzzz…..

43 thoughts on “Into the Great Beyond!

  1. Spacecow? I guess Brody has joined the ranks of space cadet. In about 2 or 3 years his dad will have to chop up his bed and burn it in the fireplace so none of his school friends will learn about it. But I’m sure his little sister will be happy to tell them about it anyway. On the other hand, if he remains true to his space cadet ideals, he’ll keep the bed until he’s about 40.

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