Cow shoes, Get of Jail Free, Money Making Rocks and More…


I had to look this story up. She was known as “Half Hangit Maggie”. She regained consciousness when they went to bury her. Heard sounds coming from the coffin. How would you like to have been the person burying her!


Creative thinking. πŸ™‚
There are times when being healthy can go too far. I will agree that Vaseline is good for a lot of things but I will pass on eating it!! I need a cookie to get just the thought of the taste out of my mouth!


Who would think that jail would save your life someday!


Why didn’t I think of that?

34 thoughts on “Cow shoes, Get of Jail Free, Money Making Rocks and More…

  1. I hope Margaret at least learned her lesson, and stopped hanging with the wrong crowd.
    A better way to keep from being caught moonshining is to ring your magic cowbell.
    I’d never cover a sick patient with Vaseline, as he might slip away.
    The lucky survivor of the Pelee eruption was then transferred to a new jail, where he was promptly shivved to death.
    Pet rocks are like dead puppies. They don’t come when they call, they don’t chase a ball, they just lie in the hall. Yep, they’re no fun at all.

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  2. Great post Joyroses!
    The prohibition foot ware reminds me how horrible that time just have been –
    And brilliant marketing for the pet rock – I was wondering when it became a thing

    Side note – this past summer we had a student who had a dog die and we made a memorial rock – got the idea from a downtown park that had 200+ painted rocks and invited bypassers to take some- I took two and one of them ended up being a memorial RIP one and it gave me the idea – so for this student – we pit the pet’s name “Eddie” in the middle – and it was a huge rock from a nearby landscape that was in our grounds – ha! We painted it green and all signed the Bottom of the rock -and it was so comforting to this student –
    So I say cheers to what rocks can become

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  3. I’m just picturing some celebrity walking around in cow shoes, and then this becomes the latest fashion. They’ll look so good with my holey jeans.🀣

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  4. Joy, love these. Let me briefly mention the ingenuity of the cow shoes, before heading on to Half Hangit Maggie. Did you ever watch the movie or read “The Great Train Robbery?” In the book, it goes into detail how one crook was able to board the train in a coffin. Apparently, people were buried with a bell in case they were not really dead (Maggie likely was being buried sans bell). When the coffin was being boarded, an accomplice rang a different bell, and they opened the casket. The crook had placed bad fish beneath him and put on makeup to appear to be dead. So, they boxed him back up and put him on the train which he robbed.

    My guess is Maggie scared people out of the profession of grave digging. Keith

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  5. I’m old enough to remember the Pet Rock rage. Being a country girl, it left me gobsmacked that people would pay for a plain, unadorned rock that they could have picked up anywhere. The current trend with the inspirational words on rocks makes more sense as they are polished and treated artistically. But I still wouldn’t buy one.


  6. Truthfully, I wouldn’t want to be Half Hangit Maggie, the hangman, the mortician or anyone else associated with her punishment! Yikes. As for Gary Dahl and his Pet Rock phenomena, it only underscores another advertising huckster, P.T. Barnham, β€œThere’s a sucker born every minute.”

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