Friday’s Super Short Stories!

The unexpected sharing, from a stranger’s burdened heart … They are walking down a road that you have been on and you are able to share a little hope…That moment when your story can be someone else’s survival guide. 

When you benefit from your Dad’s hobby … Making pretty solar powered garden lights … Your backyard is lit up …. Your neighbor notices and wants some lights too … 

The joy of knowing that the “What’s for supper tonight?”  question is all taken care of … All we need to do is show up at the restaurant…What is your favorite restaurant? 


35 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. Hmmmm…. I guess I don’t have a favorite restaurant. I like a good cobb salad and BJ’s has a good one. I like good fish and chips and I really haven’t found that anywhere that I can think of. I like good barbeque but I try not to go eat it because it is bad for me. There was a place that I used to be able to walk to that brewed beer, I miss that place.

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    • When you said Fish and Chips it reminded me of a Fish and Chips restaurant we went to when I was little. It was sooo good, but they aren’t around anymore.
      Mexican food would be my favorite restaurant.
      When Brad was in Oklahoma for work he said there was an amazing BBQ restaurant called Billy Simm’s. He really liked going there.
      A good restaurant within walking distance would be nice, don’t blame you for missing it. I am guessing it was a nice place to go after work to relax.


      • I am about TexMex’d out. There is so much of it here, I am just kind of tired of it.

        I decided to stop eating beef this year (for getting old reasons) so that kind of limits what I can get at a BBQ place anyway.

        I had good fish and chips somewhere once and I don’t remember where, but since then it has been a slog through mostly greasy and soggy attempts. Oh well, not that important.

        I do miss a Vietnamese place that is now closed as well.

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        • I can understand that about getting TexMex’d out.
          But you aren’t old…for that makes me…well, I am a tad less old. 🙂
          My husband and son don’t eat beef now anymore either.
          Now a Vietnamese place sounds like something Brad would like. His favorite restaurants are Asian, Thai, Japanese ones.

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  2. Always nice when you can help a stranger.

    My wife likes those solar powered lights, also. I think they look kitschy. But who knows, maybe they keep burglars away.

    I’ll bet it gets tiring fixing dinner every night. You could just throw everyone a bag of potato chips and save money on a restaurant bill.

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  3. I’m partial to street food, especially in parts of Asia. But my favorite “restaurant” would be a roadside mom and pop shack in the mountains above ChiangMai in Thailand. They barbecued the chickens that freely ran around the place on a grill placed over a half of a 55-gallon drum. I don’t speak much Thai, but between the proprietors and the other customers gathered beneath an old tin roof during a light rain, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much or felt so good about being alive. A sincere supplication goes out to the chicken for being a part of providing such a memory.

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