Keeping the Dream Alive

Image from Pinterest of a Treetop Skywalk in Tennessee

“Build it and they will come.” Well its built now, so they can come and they sure better come soon, thought Bethany. She was looking at the bank statement and it was looking pretty sad right now. Building the skywalk had stretched them, they pulled it off, but Bethany was holding her breath. If it didn’t create the higher numbers of guests like they were counting on she was afraid that the business would be sunk.

Thinking about that made her stomach twist into knots. It would be awful to lose her Dad’s business. She took it over when he died, for she couldn’t bear the thought of selling it. But did she need to face reality? The resort had not been doing well for a couple years before her Dad died, it was in the red. Could Bethany really save it? Her Dad had built this resort. It had been a lot of work for her parents, but it was his dream and now his legacy. Bethany couldn’t let it fail! She reassured her Mom that they would not sell the resort.

Bethany dove into it headfirst and at times it had felt like she was diving into a cement pond that was all dried up.

She managed to keep it running but it was hanging by a thread, something big was needed. Something that made their resort in the mountains stand apart from other ones. When the secretary had told Bethany about how she used to dream about walking in the treetops as a child, that gave Bethany an idea. “Build it and they would come”, she remembered the movie she had watched several times as a child with her Dad and it gave her the inspiration she needed to build the Treetop skywalk.

Last night she took a walk on it around midnight, she couldn’t sleep. The grand re-opening was 3 weeks away. Lots of other updates had been made to the resort and Bethany prayed that it would be enough. Reservations were trickling in, but Bethany and all of her employees were hoping for a flood.

Time was passing too quickly, Bethany had the date circled in red on her calendar and it was like it was mocking her now. One week to go and no flood in sight. She and her faithful employees had worked so hard. “Breathe in breathe out,” she told herself. Her Dad was a man of patience and slow to worry. Often throughout his life he would say, “Its going to be OK.” Bethany tried to be like him in that area, but it got hard at times, especially now.

Once again she found herself walking the skywalk late at night under the shining moonlit sky. It was so peaceful with the night sounds of the woods. She had grown up here and she couldn’t imagine losing the resort. Her parent’s had thrown all their energy into it and there was a time it had been a grand success. Bethany was determined to make it a grand success once again.

Phones were ringing off the hook and their website was seeing the most action it had seen in a long while! Bethany hoped it wouldn’t crash. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing and hearing! The flood had come, reservations were pouring in. Soon they would reach full capacity. How grateful Bethany was for the decision they had made to add another building for lodging. It had felt risky being that the company was in the red, but sometimes you just had to take the chance!

The Grand Re-opening was an amazing success! Bethany was beaming and her Mom was so proud. Bethany had called a special meeting, giving bonuses to all the employees for their hard work.

“Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for helping me to keep my Dad’s dream alive! There are no words to say how much your hard work has meant to my Mom and I! Looking forward to many more years to come!”

There was clapping, cheering and even some tears. Some of the employees had worked at the resort for many years and were like family. For the first night in awhile Bethany fell asleep with a heart full of peace.

It had been a couple weeks since the big celebration and the resort was still staying full. Bethany and her Mom kept shaking their heads in disbelief. It was simply incredible. Miracles do happen.

There was supposed to be a full moon tonight , Bethany wanted to enjoy it and found herself on the skywalk again. It was quickly becoming one of her favorite places to be at the resort. When she looked up into the sky, prayers of thanksgiving were on her heart for how things had worked out.

“Build it and they will come.” She did and they came. At times she felt like she needed to pinch herself, feeling like she was in the middle of a fairy tale. A tale of dreams, and inspiration. It may not have had any obvious magic like Cinderella’s “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo” … what was that? Bethany bent down and picked up something shiny. What was a cowbell doing on a Treetop skywalk?

Somewhere in the distance there may have been a brown cow with deep brown eyes watching Bethany and smiling. Who needs a magic wand and magic words like “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo” when one had a magical cowbell.

24 thoughts on “Keeping the Dream Alive

  1. I liked this story a lot. I know you enjoy writing humorous and imaginative tales, but this one was excellent.

    After a long time of gathering donations and years of planning, our zoo recently added a skyway. I haven’t been on it yet, but I hear it’s marvelous.

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  2. I’m sure glad Bethany recovered from all her broken bones, after diving into the cement pool.

    Her accountant should list the cowbell as an asset, on the resort’s books. Probably under the account name: Magical Devices. She could then leverage the value against a bank loan and expand her facilities even more.

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