The Rising of the Sun

Ocean City, MD sunrise

The beach was silent as Patrick watched the masterpiece in the sky unfold.

Patrick needed this week away from his high stress job as an FBI agent. He needed time away to deal with the mixed emotions of his heart.

Even though it had been 3 years the memories of what changed his life forever would always be engraved in his mind.

Due to what happened on that day he had once thought he would never set his feet on the beach again.

That day was supposed to have been one of the most special days of his life. Shondra was the woman of his dreams, his life had been so much better with her in it!

They had been running on the beach in the early morning hours when all that they heard was the crashing of the waves. Running was something they had done together often. Patrick hadn’t been prepared. He wasn’t prepared when she had suddenly collapsed beside him in the sand.

He called 911 with his heart thumping in desperation, as his world came crashing down. The day that had started out with so much promise had quickly become the worst day of his life.

The waves rolled as Patrick was lost in the memories of yesterday, watching the seagulls flying over them.

He lost the love of his life that day. She had suffered a stroke and never recovered, dying a few days later. Never will he forget standing by her bedside. The kind nurse had told him he could take as long as he wanted to say goodbye.

He had pulled out the tiny box that had been bouncing in his pocket while they were running, before she had collapsed. The day his nightmare began.

With a lump in his throat he had pulled out the diamond ring and he slipped it onto her finger. He tried to speak but the words were caught in his throat. After he had slipped it on her finger he just had stood by her squeezing her hand, letting the tears roll.

The sun started shining brighter as Patrick sat on the sand reflecting back. It had taken him a long time to go to the beach again after Shondra died, but he did and the more he did the more his heart had begun to heal.

Finding love again was the last thing he thought would ever happen but it did. His heart filled with passion now when thinking of Catherine. How blessed he was to have a second chance at love!

He was glad he had came to the beach to sort out his emotions. A peace was settling in. While he would always remember Shondra, he could move on and he should move on. He didn’t have to stay stuck in the pain of yesterday. Love could be his again.

Like the rising of the sun, the light had broken through the clouds and hope was alive in his soul once more.

Ocean Cjty,MD

44 thoughts on “The Rising of the Sun

  1. I have a friend whose fiancee was killed in a car wreck. It took him many years to bounce back from such a devastating event, but he eventually found love again.

    Terrific shots of the beach in Ocean City. I’m assuming you recently visited there.

    Liked by 1 person

    • So sorry about your friend but glad he was able to find love again and hope he has many happy years!

      Thanks and yes, was there this week with a dear.friend. We go every year for some girlfriend time. πŸ™‚


  2. What a sad tale. We never know when we’re going to lose someone we love, even if they’re at a young age.

    I also feel sad that Patrick gave up a perfectly good diamond ring. It must have cost him a pretty penny, yet he’ll never see it again. I’ll bet some mortuary worker pocketed it. Hopefully Catherine won’t be a high-maintenance woman, so he can save some money in this new relationship.

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