Beaches, Jackalopes, Books and More ….

This is a little longer introduction, but I promise I will get to the unique facts for you! While I was at the beach this week, I did find some time to work on my novel that I am attempting to write. Its a challenge, as I am used to writing short, short stories, but it has been fun. Writing on the beach was perfect, I think I could write faster if I was at the beach more.  Anyway, while writing I couldn’t help but think of my Moonbeam Farm Friends. They are the main characters from “The Odessa Chronicles”, a book that I co-authored with Colin, back in 2018.

Odessa; a sassy, but caring barn owl, Dewey; a mischievous, lazy cat and Jaxon; a sly, but humble, sweet jackalope were the first talking animals I ever wrote about, and they will always be a part of me! If you want some light reading that is sure to bring some laughs and may even tug at your heart, feel free to click on the “The Odessa Chronicles” book cover, on the right margin. The book consists of 47 short stories about the crazy adventures of these wonderful animals. They become best friends with each other and with a retired farmer, who thought he was going to have a quiet life on a peaceful farm.  Little did he know how his life would change!  I am including this link that Colin posted on his blog awhile back. Its one of the short stories from “The Odessa Chronicles” that I hope you enjoy.


Hmmm…Anyone up to staying there? What a view!


Living at the beach … they sound like smart pigs to me!


If only we humans could have such good eyesight!


Love its face! Dewey, would never survive in the mountains, he is one spoiled cat!


There is your new word for the day. Just don’t tell Jaxon, he thinks he is the only Jackalope!


I do remember the whole “blue dress” thing, and I say the cat is going up or whichever direction the food is!

40 thoughts on “Beaches, Jackalopes, Books and More ….

  1. Having a neck that could pivot like a barn owl would come in handy as a teacher.

    I understand the challenges of writing a novel now, so I understand entirely where you’re coming from with your comments, Carolyn It’s a whole different skill set than writing short stories or nonfiction.

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  2. The Odessa Chronicles is a fun read. I highly recommend it.
    It is not unusual to find pigs lounging about on a beach. And they do like to be fed a lot.
    I’ve seen a few flaggerdoots out here in our desert. They’re handy because with one shot, you’ll probably hit several jackalopes. Their horns make great hat racks.
    If #6 is a photo of Schrodinger’s cat, he’s probably going both up and down the stairs at the same time.

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