Return to Normal…

Things were starting to get back to normal, or as normal as things could be in the town of Bittersweet Creek. The town where almost anything can and does happen!

Cara reflected on the past month as she set up the diner.

The whole town had been on pins and needles, when Mason went to help Amanda save her castle and ended up getting kidnapped by Nick. He was the one trying to lay claim to Amanda’s castle.

When Mr. Tippner heard the news about Mason, he didn’t think twice about going to help his friend. He took off right away.

Unfortunately he ended up getting caught by Nick as well. It was nerve-wracking for everyone. Cara was so thankful that Sarah helped her come up with a plan.

Never underestimate the power of women, especially after they stay up all night drinking coffee and thinking. With the magical help of Jenny, the donkey, a rescue was made and everyone had been ecstatic.

The town had held a parade to welcome home Mason and Tippner. The people of Bittersweet Creek was a close knit community and they had proven it.

During the parade the fire truck siren got stuck as they drove through the center of town and all the dogs went crazy. It turned out to look like a parade of dogs chasing the band who were following the fire truck.

The poor baton twirler got knocked down by the St. Bernard and then the Beagle grabbed the baton, thinking it was a stick. Then a cat ran into the street and there was total bedlam. All that was needed yet were clowns, for the parade had turned into a circus!

People had talked about it for days afterwards. Calling it the most exciting parade ever and oh, it seemed that Miss. Lucy’s poodle was going to have puppies. Apparently when all the dogs chased the firetruck. Mrs. Penny’s retriever chased Miss. Lucy’s poodle.

Like the parade, the rescue of Mason and Tippner hadn’t been a totally smooth operation. Cara laughed to herself. It may have resulted in a little mishap for Mason and Tippner , but all was fixed now!

Mason and Tippner weren’t feather brains , or covered in goose feathers anymore. There was no “honking” every time they opened their mouths. Jenny had finally been able to break the spell, that she had unintentionally put them under.

She had intentionally meant to turn Nick into a goose. He was the one who was trying to take Amanda’s castle away, and had kidnapped Mason and Tippner. But when Jenny cast the spell she unintentionally cast the spell on Mason and Tippner too!

Cara finished setting up the diner. She was smiling, it had been quite the adventure! Mason and Tippner had been such good sports through it all, though they did steer clear of Jenny now!

Mason may be steering clear of Jenny, but Amanda was seen by his side quite often now. Time would tell and Cara’s romantic mind hoped for the best for them.

She turned the sign to OPEN on the door and Mason walked in through the back at the same time.

He came out to the front with a large cup of coffee in his hand.

“Good Morning Mason!”

“Good Morning, I saw the strangest thing last night outside my window.” Mason’s eyes had a puzzled look in them.

“What was it?”

“It was the weirdest and coolest thing. I know I wasn’t dreaming. There was a Pegasus standing in my yard with glowing rainbow colored wings.

Cara shook her head, giving him a questioning look. “Annnnd you say that you weren’t dreaming?”

“I wasn’t and thats not all! There was this real little green guy, looked like a leprechaun. He was…”

Cara patted Mason on the shoulder. “Take a seat and let me get you some more coffee.”

Oh yes, she thought, Anything can happen in the town of Bittersweet Creek.

20 thoughts on “Return to Normal…

  1. Never underestimate the power of women, especially after they stay up all night drinking coffee and thinking. Also, you’ll probably underestimate the times that they’ll need to use the bathroom drinking coffee.πŸ˜‰

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  2. About that time, Mr. Tippner walked into the coffee shop, to warn everyone about the dangers of drinking coffee. He sat down at Mason’s table and listened to the story about Pegasus and the leprechaun. The story sounded ridiculous and so he made a little joke about it, and they both started to gaggle. They meant to giggle, but they were still getting over being geese.

    Tippner tried to stand up, but he was still so full of down, that he felt like he was glued to his seat. A car passed by outside, and honked. Mason and Tippner both replied, “Good morning.”

    Cara served them both a bowl of corn, as they were feeling peckish. Someone opened the front door, and a cool breeze entered the coffee shop. Suddenly they both felt a sudden urge to leave, so they struggled to their feet and kind of waddled outside. They were last seen walking south.

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