Poor Octopus! Medieval Wars and a Lost Painting


You don’t mess with women and their coffee!


Think of all you could get done if you could function on only 30 minutes of sleep!


The secrets that you find out about the state you live in! This has been going on for the past 37 years in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


I keep looking for valuable paintings at yard sales!


You found yourself saying, “Lions, Tigers and Bears, OH MY!” didn’t you! While thinking of a yellow brick road.


I … I … will be quiet with my thoughts. LOL!

25 thoughts on “Poor Octopus! Medieval Wars and a Lost Painting

  1. So if Mr Octopus breeds again, each time is like the first time for him? At least he’ll be excited by the novelty and not remember her chunnering on the telephone while he’s busy or remembering that he made the hot chocolate afterwards last time.
    Huge Hugs

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  2. The joke was on those Bostonian women, since coffee is poison.
    Poor giraffes, missing out on all those naps would be hard to swallow.
    Any state that serves shoo-fly pie has to be living in the Dark Ages.
    There are no starving artists more starving than the Hungarians.
    The lion, tiger, and bear will remain best friends, as long as they’re fed well.
    The male octopus might be all hands, but at least he’s not the type to kiss and tell.

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    • Oh gosh, your wit is flowing tonight.
      Yes, you couldn’t be a giraffe could you!
      And coffee would be soo hard for you to swallow! 😜

      No, those who never tasted Shoo-fly pie are living in the Dark Ages!

      Yes, the Octopus can be a good keeper of secrets!

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  3. Coffee and sugar are two staples in my diet, but I’m not giving them up. 😊 While I liked Halloween as a kid, I’ve never quite understood the attraction of dressing up and running around pretending to be a soldier. No judgment—to each their own.

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  4. Joy, what a unique combination of stories. Giraffes sleep only a little and a male Octopus goes around in a stupor after his one night stand. Well, at least the Octopus is not a Praying mantis where the female devours the male after sex. Keith

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  5. Those women needed COFFEE . . . they’d only been sleeping 30 minutes a day . . . due to their husbands’ dementia and confusion ~> they insisted that “Lions and Tigers and Bears” could get along better than medieval peasants engaged in a mock medieval war.

    After some much needed COFFEE, the women combed yard sales and flea markets for bargain art.

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