The Golden Spell

This is the continuation of Thursday’s post, The Amazing Rescue?

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Janessa didn’t know whether to be terrified or thrilled, or maybe she was a little bit of both.

She was flying on the back of a Pegasus! That was the thrilling part. A totally surreal feeling was pulsing through her. But where was she headed? That question is what terrified her. They had been flying for a long time, her friends were probably worried sick about her.

She tried to relax and tell herself that all would be fine. When she returned to work on Monday, she would be sooo ready for the “So what did you do this weekend?” discussion around the water cooler! Lorinda wouldn’t be able to top Janessa’s story and Oooh that would make her green eyes of jealousy blaze.

Does the Pegasus talk? Janessa wondered, should she try to talk to it? There was a good chance that it did, for after all, it was a magical creature, so why not!

Leaning up close to its head she talked directly into its ear. “Would you be able to tell me where we are going please, do you talk?”

There was silence as Janessa waited with bated breath. Then the Pegasus replied, “No, I don’t talk.”

Janessa felt disappointment, it would have been so cool if….”Hey, what do you mean you don’t talk!” Apparently this Pegasus had a sense of humor.

“We will soon be at our destination. ”

“Which is where??” replied Janessa.

“A secret place, seen by very few humans. The place where the rainbow ends.”

Janessa felt excitement building now, all fear forgotten.

On and on they flew and then Janessa saw the most brilliant rainbow in front of her! They were flying straight for it.

Ob, how awesome! They landed and there was a hill not far away. The rainbow was shining so bright above it and on top of the hill was a big pot! Had Janessa found a real pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Janessa’s sack was heavy! She still was pinching herself. Meeting the leprechauns had been so much fun. How kind they were, gifting her with a large bag of gold. Here she used to think that leprechauns were mischievous, but these were nothing but polite and gracious to her.

Now she was on the back of Lola once again ready to go back to her friends with gifts of gold.

Monday mornimg dawned bright and early but Janessa was wide awake. She would be at her job at 8am sharp with her resignation letter in her hand. She had gold now, she didn’t need to work anymore!

Her friends had been awestruck when she came back to them with her large bag of gold. They were all quitting their jobs this morning and then going on a ceuise together to celebrate. Janessa couldn’t wait. Good fortune was shining down!

Meanwhile back at the end of the rainbow the leprechauns were having a meeting. They were all merry and jolly. A morning of celebration, toasting to another trick once more successfully pulled off on one of those strange and gullible humans!

“Its almost time. The spell of the magic gold will begin its work in exactly 24 hours from when Janessa got it.” Leo stated.

They stared at the BIG electric clock on the wall. It was 11:59. They were down to just seconds left.


Everyone wondered what happened to Janessa, and her 3 friends. One minute they were on the luxury cruise ship and the next…. they were gone!

20 thoughts on “The Golden Spell

  1. The lesson here is, never trust short people. I think one of Janessa’s friends tried to steal her bag of gold. So Janessa and her other two friends chased the thief around the decks of the ship, to get the gold back. They caught her, and a tug-of-war ensued. But during the melee the ship tossed and turned as it passed over a high ocean swell, and the four were pitched overboard. As this happened, onlookers thought they heard the faint laughter of leprechauns coming from somewhere beyond the sea.

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