The Amazing Rescue?

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The sound of the rushing water below was music to Janessa’s ears.

Janessa was having an amazing birtbday weekend, celebrating with her close friends. She had known Adam, Chris, and Jennifer from her childhood.

They were scattered now, living in different states, but had reunited for a fun weekend. Being that they all loved the outdoors, they decided to go explore a new gorge. So far they were impressed with the grandeur of the mountains and the sparkling blue water below. It had been a breathtaking hike.

Janessa and Jennifer were posing for pictures while the guys talked. The 2 girls had their backs against the railing when there was a splintering sound of wood breaking. Jennifer jumped away in time but to everyone’s horror Janessa started falling.

The friends were frozen in shock when the most incredible thing happened. A dazzling white Pegasus came flying below Janessa and caught her on its back.

Jennifer, Adam and Chris stared in open mouthed wonder watching the Pegasus fly high into the air. Where was it taking her?

Their joyous feeling of relief was turning into concern now. It looked like the Pegasus was flying away from the gorge.

Feeling helpless they stood there watching Janessa and the Pegasus get smaller , the farther away they flew.

How were they ever going to find her? Maybe the Pegasus was just taking her on a little birthday ride and would bring her back. They would hike back down and wait at the bottom for her to come. Maybe they would each get a ride. What a day this was turning out to be!

Chatting about old memories of their childhood they tried to distract themselves from the fact that time was passing.

Searching the azure blue skies there was no sign of a dazzling white Pegasus. If all 3 of them hadn’t seen the Pegasus they would be thinking they were crazy.

Aftet 2 hours had passed they realized that the Pegasus must not be coming back. It wasn’t a birthday ride. After all, the Pegasus didn’t know it was her birthday. It was just a lucky coincidence.

They spent anothet hour searching the woods. Seeing if the Pegasus had dropped her off, but Janessa was nowhere to be found.

They were each lost in thought, afraid to voice their fear. What kind of place was this? Had the Pegasus really rescued her or was it a kidnapping?

(To be continued…)

79 thoughts on “The Amazing Rescue?

  1. If it has a horn, then Pegasus is actually an alicorn. Janessa is very safe on the back of this alicorn, but there’s a good chance she’ll never return home again. Alicorns get lost easily. It will probably drop her off on the Alaskan taiga, or on some Arabian barchan, or perhaps on a schooner sailing down the Firth of Forth. Hopefully she brought a survival kit with her, or she may not get any dinner this evening.

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  2. Speaking of getting together with old friends, that’s just what I’ve been doing the past few days. Hence, I’m playing catch-up for the next couple of days. Looking forward to the next part of the story.

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