The Missing Twin

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Watching the sun go down as the waves rolled, was a sight that Belinda would never tire of. Liviing in the Cayman Islands had been quite the experience, and Belinda would miss it.

Sighing she climbed out of her hammock and started to take it down. The time had come to go home. Tomorrow morning she would be flying away.

Belinda had what some would consider a charmed life. She often lived in Tropical Islands and money was never a problem.

When her perfume got the attention of Angelica De Luca, she knew that her life was about to change and how right she had been.

The “Magic of the Sea” perfume had been a overnight success and Belinda was swept away with instant fame as she continued to make new perfumes. The scent of success was so sweet.

Her life may be charmed now but there still was no healing of the missing part of her heart.

When Belinda found out that she was a twin, she was astounded!

From that day forward she had decided she would set out on a journey to find her twin.

She didn’t have time to be upset about her adopted parents never hsving told her before. That was water under the bridge now and Belinda had to find her sister.

There were so many questions! Did they like the same things? They were fraternal twins, not identical. It was said that twins often shared many characteristics,

Laughing to herself she wondered about the “Evil twin” saying. If that was true maybe she didn’t want to find her!

Belinda smiled, she better rein in her imagination. Next thing she knew she would start worrying that she was the sister of some ax murderer!

The sun had set now and Belinda hsd to get some sleep. Her plane left early in the morning. She was bound for America and a little town named Borden. That was one of the few clues that she had about her twin’s whereabouts.

Thats where she had grown up in an orphanage. They had both been placed in an orphanage when their parent’s had died. Belinda’s parents apologized that they hadn’t taken her sister too, but at the time they didn’t know that she waa Belinda’s twin. The orphanage had messed up.

Now Belinda was determined to set things right, she would find Anna, her missing twin.

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