The Language of Flowers

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Madison pulled out the tray from her china closet and dusted it. .

Flowers hsd touched Marta’s soul, and the tray always looked so elegant for Sunday dinners. Madison smiled, her Grandpa had done well with the gift of the tray. Fresh bouqets of flowers also always decorated the table.

Over the years her Grandmother’s flower beds around the house kept growing bigger.

It had heen easy for Madison to see that her Grandma was never happier then when working in her flower gardens. She was a walking encyclopedia, knowing so many facts about flowers.

Madison remembered pulling weeds with her grandmother. It was to be expected that when you went to visit her that you would always first go visit the flower beds. You may have watered the flowers or weeded. If there weren’t any weeds to pull, you sometimes would get in the car with her and drove to one of her friend’s houses to help with their flower gardens.

While working side by side with her Grandma they would talk about anything and everything. Madison grew in appreciation for those times. Oh the lessons that her grandmother had passed down to her over their “garden chats”

One thing led to another and Marta’s name spread around. Her reputation at having a green thumb for flowers grew and soon she was helping people design their flower beds.

To her great surprise she also found herself in charge of the gardens at well known places! Her fame grew to where she had the opportunity to visit the royal gardens at Buckingham Palace!

Oh Madison still remembered the light that would shine out of her Grandma’s eyes when she talked about that. She was humbled to have been invited.

Her heart was moved as well when she helped design a flower garden for the Special Ed dept at the local HighSchool. The smiles on the student’s faces melted Marta’s heart. That was another experience she never got tired of sharing about.

Working in the soil with them. She learned each student’s name and they loved her. Madison felt a lump growing in her throat. Het grandmother had such a caring and compassionate spirit for others. She really missed her, especially in the spring and summer with the flowers all blooming.

Madison was so glad she had her Grandmother’s flower tray. Like her Grandma, she set it out for every Sunday dinner.

The blushing rose in the middle of the tray was Madison’s favorite flower . Her Grandpa used to call Marta his blushing rose. The love they had for each other was so evident in their daily lives.

Someday Madison hoped to find a love like theirs. But for now she had gardens to take of. She was giving a talk at a luncheon for the Botanical Society.

Tonight Cody was coming over and Grandma’s flower tray would be in the center of the table, along with fresh flowers from Madison. After all, flowers were the language of love.

11 thoughts on “The Language of Flowers

  1. Madison will never forget the time she was mauled by a stray patch of snapdragons, and how Marta nursed her wounds back to health. After that, Marta’s irises kept a close watch on Madison, and when she ventured close to danger, you’d hear a warning from Marta’s tulips.

    Yes, those were rosy days, spent in Marta’s garden.

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