The Surprise Treasure

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Meghan asked herself for the hundredth time wbat she was doing out here in the middle of the night! She then answered herself for the hundredth time, calling herself a fool.

An owl hooted, making Meghan jump. Shivers ran down her spine when she heard a wolf howling. This was it, she was going home. She turned around walking back down the steps. .

After going up only a few steps she sighed and turned back around. Going home was not an option, she had to get a grip.

This was her chance to change her life, find her “pot of gold!”

Finally all her hard work of secretly reading her boss’s emails would pay off. She had nearly fallen off her chair when she read the email from her boss’s closest friend.

It told of the secret place where his friend was hiding his treasure. She assumed it was money, what else could it be? Here she had thought that he was only a poor, chicken farmer. What little did she know, he had treasure! She would only take a little to begin with.

Meghan was guessing that it might be millions. When one had millions he wouldn’t notice a few hundred missing here and there. But it would sure change Meghan’s life! Once she got away with a few hundred she may be more brave and go for a couple thousand. Her heart began to flutter with anticipation.

“Whooo!” Went the owl again. She had to hurry up and get back to the comfort of her home. Go to bed with a smile on her face, being a few hundred dollars richer.

It was dark at the top of the steps but she had brought her high powered flashlight along.

She took the last couple steps into the darkness and shined the light. Meghan let out a squeal of joy! There it was, a treasure chest right in front of her.

Oh No! She should have known! There was a lock,how was she ever going to open it? She would have to take it home and try to break the lock.

Her boss was on vacation so he wouldn’t miss it and the friend said how he was leaving for vacation so no one would know it was missing. Perfect plan!

Meghan picked it up and made the way back to her home feeling like her feet weren’t touching the ground. She was walking on air!

Obviously Meghan wouldn’t be able to go to sleep until she opened the chest so plopping it on her bed she started trying.

After the 5th try she was ready to call it quits until morning. Sleepiness was wearing her down. Maybe waiting til morning would be fine.

BINGO! She unlocked it. Opening the lid with great eagerness at what she would see, Meghan screamed when a chicken popped out! Confusion struck her speechless, but the chicken was far from speechless. Since when did chickens talk, thought Meghan, with eyes as round as saucers.

“Thank you for letting me out, been in there a long time and I was growing quite tired of it. My name is Charlie.”

Meghan gasped, Charlie, the chicken, the legend! Could it really be?? She had heard the stories about him and the Chicken Man. They had lived a quiet life in the woods and sadly the Chicken Man was killed during a robbery. Then Charlie the chicken was killed in a mysterious way.

Wait! Meghan’s blood ran cold. If Charlie was dead how was…?

Charlie saw Meghan’s face grow ashen. He figured out why.

“You are thinking how can I be here talking if I am dead, right? Haven’t you heard of ghosts?”

Meghan suddenly felt light headed, like she may faint.

THUNK! She hit the ground, stars were in her eyes. Slowly her vision started improving, she rubbed her eyes. It was all black. Her room was dark, except for the light of the moon shining in her wimdow.

Groaning she closed her eyes again. It had been another crazy dream! A talking chicken? Is it possible? Oh, she had to get more sleep before work tomorrow.

“Meghan.” Her boss was calling to her.

Morning had come too early for Meghan, but here she waa back at work. No way of secretly making millons like in her dream the night before. Another day of working 9 to 5.

“Can you open the door please when the doorbell rings? It should be Farmer Fred. He will have my chickens.”

Oh dear! Not chickens, thought Meghan.

Within a few moments the doorbell rang and Meghan opened it. Sure enough it was Farmer Fred with a crate of chickens.

Meghan invited him in and said, “May I ask a question about your chickens?”

“Sure. What would you like to know?”

Meghan felt her cheeks flushing, but she had to know. Her curiosity must be solved, though she was 99 % sure of the answer.

“Do any of your chickens talk?”

Just then Meghan’s boss, Mr. Garlet, came down the stairs.

“Meghan please go to the kitchen and bring back some Brandy for Farmer Fred and I.

When Meghan was out of earshot, Farmer Fred looked at Mr Garlet, with a hint of concern in his eyes.

“I would keep the Brandy away from Meghan. I am thinking she may have had a little much. Her cheeks were flushed and do you know what she asked me?”

Meghan heard the echoes of their laughter ringing throughout the house.

16 thoughts on “The Surprise Treasure

  1. If Charlie Chicken is a ghost, then how could he be locked in a chest? According to my ghost manual, ghosts can pass through solid objects. Also, if Meghan’s boss and Farmer Fred are on vacation, then why are they working? And how will Farmer Fred react to a broken lock on his treasure chest?

    Perhaps these are questions we should ask of Charlie Chicken.

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