Confessions by the Sea

This is the continuation of Saturday’s post, http://www.The Search Begins

They walked along the beach chatting, though Brent was doing most of the talking. He found himself spilling bis guts to a stranger. Hadn’t planned on it, but sometimes things just happen.

After finishing his story there was silence. All you heard were the waves crashing against the shore. Both men were deep in thought.

“I hope you find her.” Tyler looked at Brent with eyes of compassion.

Brent was holding her picture in his hands, staring at it once again.

“I still remember how I felt when I first read Tracey’s letter, telling me I was going to be a Dad. She wanted me to run away with her.

I felt a mixture of shock, joy and of fear. I had my life ahead of me. I had plans. How was this going to work out? Me being a Dad, I wasn’t ready for that, I was going to college on a scholarahip!”

Tyler nodded, not saying a word.

Brent hung his head, sadness in his eyes. I made the wrong choice all those years ago, and I will never forgive myself if I don’t find her. I let too much time go by, but I will fix it. I have too. What kind of man would I be if I didn’t?”

The question hung in the air. Tyler didn’t need to answer it, he knew that Brent already knew the answer.

The waves were getting higher and the clouds were gray.

“I think it may be best if you stay with me tonight. Looks like a storm is brewing. My house is right over there. It is small, but I have a guest room. I am not the greatest cook, but I have learned over the years. I can make us a good supper. What do you say?”

Brent looked at the sky, and back at Tyler. “Sounds like an offer that I can’t refuse. Thank you kindly. While I am here would it be possible to climb to the top of the lighthouse with you? I have never been inside a real lighthouse.”

“Sure! No problem. Lets go, before those clouds decide to open.”

Brent followed him into the lighthouse and they started climbing. One step really creaked on the way up.

“Oh I need to fix that step. Its showing its age and groaning.”

After more climbing Brent was beginning to think that he may start groaning. He thought he was in good shape, but he didn’t climb 229 steps every day!

Later that night it felt good to stretch out in a soft bed, with a warm, fuzzy blanket. His stomach was full from a good supper of potatoes and hamburger with asparagus. Then some Banana Cream pie for dessert.

He listened to it raining outside and was thankful to Tyler for his offer to spend the night. Brent had been through storms on the sea before and it wasn’t much fun!

The sound of the rain and the waves were gradually lulling him to sleep.

Tomorrow hopefully the sun would shine and he could continue his journey to Bar Harbor in Maine. He knew that he was taking a chance on Tracey still living there with Molly, but that was the most current address he could find for her.

He had to find Molly, the plan wouldn’t work if he didn’t. She was the key and he was not going to see this plan fail! He hadn’t told the old man everything. Fortunately he had caught himself before he said too much. That was his last thought as he drifted off to sleep.

(To be continued)

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