The Search Begins

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The sun was going down and Tyler was in the lighthouse, like he had been for the past 20 years.

Most lighthouses were automatically operated now, but Tyler had no desire to have his become automated. What would he do? This had been his life.

He had no wife or family, he was on his own. Tyler had always loved the ocean, and he was perfectly content. He listened to the waves speak while taking many walks on the beach, and the seagulls flocked around him. There was nowhere else that he would rather be.

24 hours a day a lighthouse keeper was supposed to be available for a couple weeks at a time.

Unfortunately due to bad weather sometimes it could be 4 or 6 weeks before they were relieved by another keeper. Not many women wanted a guy that was so tied down.

When thinking of all the boats he had saved from hitting the rocks, the job was worth the sacrifice.

Tyler’s eyes peered down from the window. Well, well…it looked like he had company.

Tyler watched from the lighthouse as a boat docked and a tall man stepped out. He was wearing a large broad rimmed hat, long sleeve white t-shirt and jeans. Looked like he was protecting himself from the sun. Tyler wondered how long he had been on the water.

With his many walks on the beach and lifting weights Tyler was in good shape, which he needed to be when going up and down 209 steps. He headed down the steps to the beach.

Giving Tyler a firm handshake, he spoke. “HI! Glad to meet you. I am Brent and needed to stop for a rest. Hope its Ok. Been on the water for several days. Headed to Bar Harbor.”

“I rarely get visitors, so you are more than welcome to rest awhile. Will be glad for the company.”

They were chatting amicably. Brent was most interested in Tyler’s life as a Lighthouse Keeper. When they paused in conversation Tyler asked a question.

“If you don’t mind me asking, what takes you to Bar Harbor?”

Brent’s eyes took on a look of distress and Tyler almost felt sorry for asking.

“I am trying to find my little girl.”

He pulled a picture out of his wallet. It was worn around the edges but one couldn’t deny how adorable the child was. She was sitting in the grass looking like she had been given the ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. She was holding a fluffy, white bunny.

“Her name is Molly.”

(To be continued…)

*The last manned lighthouse was manned until 1998 The Boston Light in Bar Harbor, MA. *

70 thoughts on “The Search Begins

  1. ………..and, I got it! MA is Massachusetts, which is where Lizzie Borden came from hence the song “You can’t chop you Mamma up in Massachusetts (etc) ” So Lizzie apparently use an axe. That explains Betsy, Annie and the chicken! Well done Joyroses. πŸ™‚

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  2. The very next day, Tyler noticed another boat putting to shore. Off stepped a tall, lanky man. He appeared nervous and fidgety, and rather suspicious-looking, and Tyler felt a little fearful about stepping out of the safety of his lighthouse to greet him. But unbeknownst to Tyler, the tall, lanky man was harmless. He just seemed nervous because he was suffering from a nicotine fit.

    The tall, lanky man fumbled around in his shirt pocket, then extracted a cigarette. Then he stepped up to the door and knocked. Tyler affixed the chain to the door, then very slowly and very hesitatingly pulled it open slightly, and peeked out at the man. The man stuck his cigarette between his lips, then muttered, “Excuse me sir, you gotta light?”

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