Friday’s Super Short Stories!

If you have never known heart pounding desperation for your safety …. never had bombs going off around you … and never known the hopelessness of seeing a plane fly into the sky, leaving you on the ground … then count your blessings … and remember those in Afghanistan.


You may think you are fooling someone … but in the end you may be the one who is the fool!

The satisfying feeling of looking at organized cupboards … if only you could do it once and have it stay that way!

34 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. Those Afghans are standing in a ditch filled with sewage, and which yesterday was filled with bodies, just so they can get on a plane and get the hell out of their own country, and come to the USA. I feel sad for them, and the horror they’re going through. But it also leaves me feeling grateful that I live in such a great country as the USA.

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  2. Joy, nicely done. Your reference to “fool” in the second story reminded of a very short story in yesterday’s crossword. The answer to the clue is the final word.

    “If you argue with a fool, then you have two.”



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