Back in Time

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Renee was a vibrant soul. Daring and loving adventure. Jumping off the high swing into the lake as the sun went down had been one of her favorite things to do. Nothing stopped her when she was young.

Her poor mom was often pulling out her hair over her. How many times had she climbed down the trellis right outside her bedroom window to go out for a late night walk in the moonlight with Robbie? Oh Robbie, the childhood sweetheart who had become her husband.

Renee would never forget dancing with him in the moonlight after they were married. He had proposed to her under the stars and he never lost his romantic touch over the years.

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They danced, they loved, they fought, made up and kept loving over the years. He loved her crazy spirit, even if he didn’t always go along with the things she wanted to do. She had to do the bungee jumping on her own, but he did go up in a hot air balloon with her. It was an amazing view looking down below as they flew over fields of gold.

Renee closed her photo album with warmth in her heart as memories slid down her cheeks. It had been 5 years since Robbie had died. They had shared 55 years together and she was so thankful. He always called her his sweet Renee. Rarely did he use her first name. From the day he found out that her middle name was Renee, that’s what he called her.

Looking around her apartment. she smiled as she sighed. She would always miss him, but she did have it good here. The people were real friendly. Sometimes she worried that she might be a little too much for some people, but that was her, she was loud and vivacious. Arthur seemed a little shy of her at times, but he would come around. In fact maybe she should go drop by his room.

Spraying her favorite perfume on herself, she started getting ready. The words to one of the first songs that she had sang to Robbie started running through her mind. She sang to him for the first time on one of the nights that that they had slipped away from her house and were dancing under the stars.

Her voice may not be quite what it was many years ago, but in the privacy of her room, Charlotte started to sing.

27 thoughts on “Back in Time

    • Glad you liked the story. I thought it would help people like Charlotte a little more. 🙂
      I hadn’t listened to the song in awhile either and then it popped in my head and i hsd to do something with it.


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