The Sly Deal!

This is the conclusion to Monday’s post http://www.Devising a Plan

“Well, I do appreciate your effort in spite of the fact that it failed!” Mason was trying to reassure his good friend who had tried to rescue him, but now was sitting in the same room as Mason. Tied to a chair with his arms behind his back.

“How is your head?”

Tippner sighed. “Feeling a little loopy, but not too bad, though you look like you have 2 heads.”

Mason cracked a smile. “Don’t worry, the double vision will pass, mine did.

“So whats the plan now?” Tippner asked, with hope in his eyes.

They were silent as they looked around the empty, windowless room.

“Remember when that crazy cowbell turned us into cats? That would come in handy right now, we could slip out the door when they open it.”

Tippner agreed that he would love being a cat right now. If only!

The town of Bittersweet Creek was all abuzz. Their most eligible bachelor was missing and it was suspected that there was foul play. Oh what would they do.

Miss Penny was wiping her eyes, “I just don’t know how I will cope without seeing him every day. That head full of beautiful hair!”

The town was in even deeper distress now for Mr. Tippner was also gone. He had bravely set out to rescue Mason, but people were beginning to despair of ever seeing either of them again.

Cara and Sara were trying to console a paniked Amanda. They had just arrived at the castle.

Amanda knew where the guys were for she had got a ransom note. Nick wanted the castle and 10 grand. He warned that if they involved the police Mason and Tippner would be hurt.

She was ready to give in to demands, she couldn’t handle the thought of anything happening to Mason. Of course Tippner was a nice guy too the ladies said. Who would fix their bikes if something happened to him and he did make them laugh.

Cara had laid awake all night thinking and she had formed a plan. She was thankful for an unending supply of Caramel Lattes to keep her awake. She would need to put another order in for more caramel, she used the last bottle.

Sara and Amanda agreed that the plan sounded perfect when Cara told them. Amanda’s eyes brightened, feeling hope rise in her.

They eagerly watched the clock waiting for the time to be right to go meet Nick with the “ransom”.

Nick stood in front of Mason and Tippner gloating. “I was able to double the ransom to 10,000 since you were so kind to come Tippner.”

Tippner groaned, as he cast a evil eye at Nick. Nick laughed.

“So do you think Amanda will come through, she is sweet on you isn’t she?”

Mason didn’t comment at all, but his blood pressure was rising as Nick started talking about Amanda in a crude manner.

The vein in Mason’s neck was popping out and he was getting red in the face with anger. Thankfully Nick stopped talking and Mason realized that Amanda was really becoming special to him.

“Well boys, hate to leave this fun party but its that time to go see if yoir heroine saves the day for the 2 of you. I sure do hope she comes alone, would hate if I had to teach her a lesson. Than again, maybe it could be fun.” He looked at Mason with a devilish grin.

Mason almost jumped out of his chair! “Whoa man! Calm down! I see I am going to have to retie the rope, you are pretty strong.”

Nick quickly re-tied it and then left, knowing he bettet not stir Mason up anymore.

Amanda was at the meeting place trying not to feel too nervous. Cara and Sarah were hiding in the bushes.

She saw Nick in the distance, taking a deep breath she composed herself.

“What is this?” Nick exclaimed.

“Its a donkey, I would think you would be very familiar with them.”

“I would advise you that you aren’t in a position to insult me. “

Amanda didn’t say anything.

“Well, where is the money?”

“I want to see them first, make sure they aren’t hurt. Take me to them. “

Nick looked around, “I guess its safe. Follow me.”

Amanda hopped up on the donkey and Nick rolled his eyes. “Whatever, go ahead and bring your harmless donkey. “

Soon they got to the building where Tippner and Mason were. Nick told Amanda to wait and he would bring them out.

Amanda’s heart was skipping beats as she stood beside Betsy’s friend, Jenny. The one who had visited Bittersweet Creek before. This plan just had to work, thought Amanda.

Her breath caught in her throat when she saw Mason and she was so glad to see that kind Mr. Tippner was OK as well.

Mason and Tippner were elated to see Amanda but shocked at the sight of Jenny.

Wasting no time Amanda nudged Jenny. . Jenny started saying gibberish words and Nick was totally confused as he walked closer towards her. A-choo!!

She sneezed so big the spray hit Nick, Mason and Tippner and. …HONK! They were all geese!

Nick was flapping around like crazy and Mason and Tippner had their heads on the ground. Almost like they were smacking their heads.

Amanda was filled with joy. The guys were free, though not everything may have gone exactly as planned!

Who knows where Nick was, 3 dogs came out of the field and started chasing him.

Cara, Sarah, Amanda and the 2 guys who were now geese were back at the castle. Jenny, the donkey was trying her hardest to remember how to break the spell. She was so much better at casting spells than breaking them.

Cara had been laughing uncontrollably when she first saw the guys. She remembered her experience and how the guys had been so “sympathetic” of her plight. What goes around, comes around, she thought.

“Say Cheese!” Cara snapped a picture and all the girls laughed as they talked about putting the picture up on the wall in the coffee shop.

Now that the danger was over it felt wonderful to laugh again. They all celebrated that the women and a special donkey named Jenny, had saved the day.

Cara looked at Mason with a smirk on her face, “Hey Mason, being that you can’t talk right now perhaps you can start thinking at how you will repay my kindness. Time off on a nice, luxurious trip may be perfect. If not, I could always tell Jenny to take her time in casting off your spell.”

Then she turned to Tippner. ” The girls and I decided that we could really use some new free bikes, top of the line please.”

“HONK!” The guys heads smacked the ground.

20 thoughts on “The Sly Deal!

  1. What the flock? Here we try to save the day, and this is the thanks we get?

    Oh well, it’s not so bad. Geese get to fly south for the winter. We have down coats, and we get to use all the fowl language we want. It’s fun being a goose.

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