Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! Feeling very thankful for A/C, as its another sweltering hot day here. Remembering my childhood days of sitting right in front of the fan and talking into it, like we all did, right? Days of not having A/C, but not really thinking about it. Now I couldn’t do without it, we get spoiled easily, don’t we.  I am also dreaming of how exactly a month from now I will be at the beach with my dear friend! That thought alone helps to cool me down. The waves and seagulls are calling. 







No, this isn’t a confession, but … we do have sharpies of various colors. LOL!








45 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. I remember talking into the fan. The mouth fills with air and the cheeks bulge out, making it difficult to articulate words. It’s sort of like trying to talk against a barrage of words from someone yacking their head off. I open my mouth, try to utter a word between their brief pauses, and all I can get out are strange noises that make no sense.

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  2. Joy, sometimes you are not meant to fix it, but rather walk through it. I like this. Even if I did not, my wife reminds me to not try to fix her problem she is sharing, just listen. Keith

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    • Yes, it struck me too for there are rhings I would rather be fixed but…..!
      Listening is always important and yes, we women aren’t always looking for an answer, just a sounding board. 🙂


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