Devising a Plan

This it the continuing story about Amanda and the fight for her castle. If  you missed Part 1, here is the link, The Lost Fairytale

Nick threw his phone against the wall. Nothing was going right, he thought he had the perfect plan and it was blowing up in his face! He didn’t think it would be hard to manipulate Amanda to give in to him , but he hadn’t counted on her having a boyfriend. At least he assumed it was her boyfriend, by the way she blushed when he was around and the look she had in her eyes. He remembered when Denise used to look at him that way. Her eyes were cold now, this is why he needed the castle! Surely he would win back her love if she found out he had inherited a castle! 

He had to figure out what he was going to do about this Mason guy. Early this morning he showed up at the castle unannounced, hoping to catch Amanda off guard . Unfortunately she surprised him by introducing Mason, who had flown in the night before.  Watching Amanda run her fingers through Mason’s wavy hair made him grimace. He remembered how he used to run his fingers through the long honey brown locks of Denise’s hair. A pang went through his heart. OH Denise, how he missed her. Setting his jaw firmly in place he decided that no one was going to keep him from getting this castle! 

“This castle is amazing, I can see why you want to keep it.” 

Amanda was giving Mason a tour. Last night, by the time his flight got in he was exhausted and had wanted to go to bed. After a good night’s sleep and 2 cups of strong, black coffee this morning he was ready for the full Castle tour. Seeing Amanda again was doing things to his heart that he found hard to ignore as she was showing him room after room. How many rooms did this castle have? One could very well get lost in the castle with all the curving hallways. It was like a giant labyrinth and he felt like a little mouse in it 

“This is my Great Aunt Isabella and this is ..” Amanda was explaining the pictures in the little gallery room. 

“Mason, are you listening?” Amanda felt his warm eyes on her. 

After some moments of silence passed, Amanda spoke, trying to remain calm. This was Mason, yes he was attractive with his luxurious hair and charming smile, but was he feeling attracted to her too? She couldn’t forget that look he had in his eyes last night when he first saw her. He was tired, but there was a special look in his eyes that Amanda didn’t miss. Girls were observant and picked up on things like that. Could it be that she hadn’t been dreaming, that the sparks she felt start in Bittersweet Creek were mutual and growing? 

“Why don’t we take a break and go outside, I can show you the gardens, they are quite appealing to the eye.” Amanda waited for his reply. 

“That sounds quite fine with me. If their beauty matches yours, then it will be quite the lovely garden indeed.” Giving her a wink he took her hand. “Lead the way M’lady!”  Amanda had to try her hardest to control the flutters in her heart. 

They headed for the gardens, and soon they were outside in the back of the castle and Mason saw the gardens. He whistled, “You were right, its stunning!” 

Conversation was light as they walked and then when they sat down on a bench by the fountain the conversation turned to the matter of Amanda’s grandparents will and Nick fighting for it. 

“I know Nick isn’t who he says he is, I just can tell.” 

Mason shook his head, “I believe you, but we need to prove it somehow. From what you told me before, it sounds like his lawyer is crooked. Before I forget I am supposed to tell  you that Cara and Sarah are pulling for you and Mr. Tippner too.”

Amanda smiled, she had made great friends of them all back in Bittersweet Creek and their support meant a lot. 

“Please give them all my sincere thanks, and tell me, has Mr. Tippner got any better at golfing?”

Amanda laughed, remembering the last visit she had out there and how they had all went golfing. HIs golf balls kept ending up in the water. 

They were laughing together as they shared some other fun memories, like when Mason, Tippner and Bard got drenched on the campout that they had. 

“Miss. Amanda, MIss. Amanda.” Tasha, the cook was calling to her as she came running down the path towards them. 

“There is an urgent phone call for you.” 

Amanda wondered what it could possibly be about and was instantly on her feet. 

“Go ahead and stay here, feel free to roam the rest of the gardens, and I will be back soon.” she said to Mason. 

Mason watched Amanda follow Tasha back into the castle and found himself lost in pleasant thoughts again, watching her until she was out of sight. 

Lost in a daydream, he was oblivious to the 2 guys sneaking up behind him. THUNK! Something hard hit his head, knocking him out. 

They quickly tied his hands together as they dragged him to the car, shoving him into the back seat.

The driver pressed on the gas and squealed the tires as he pulled out, heading down the road. 

Yes, it had worked! Nick felt pride. Amanda would learn that no one keeps Nick from what he wants.  Poor Mason had just shown up at the wrong time. He hated to disturb Mason and Amanda’s little rondevue in the garden, thought Nick, but Mason’s luck had just run out. Chuckling to himself he turned down an alley. Time for the fun to begin. 

(to be continued…) 









28 thoughts on “Devising a Plan

  1. Those THUNKs always hurt. Mason needs to learn how to duck. I hope his wavy hair wasn’t disturbed by the blow to his head, or Amanda may not like him anymore.

    I think Amanda needs to call Mr. Tippner and enlist his help. He is a genius, and very strong and brave, and he knows how to repair a bike. In fact, he’s kind of a superhero when it comes to repairing bikes. Here’s a video of him in action:

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  2. if they cut off Mason’s hair, he will lose all his superpowers.

    and so you’re saying is all I have to do is use the word “M’lady”, and my wife’s heart will start fluttering?


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