The Golden Ticket to a New Beginning

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Lynelle groaned as Trent let another joke roll off his tongue! He was laughing as she looked at him shaking her head, which only made him laugh louder.

“Aww cmon honey, you know that was a good one!”

“I know that it is midnight and I need to get up early!”

With that, she rolled over in bed, but not without letting out a big sigh and then she made the bed shake as she started punching her pillow. Trent sighed too, Lynelle was always so dramatic.

“I have one for you.”

Trent perked up, maybe Lynelle was coming around.

“What is it, let me hear it!”

“What does a husband who won’t be quiet have in common with the poor dinosaurs? ”

“Oooh that is cold!” Trent looked at Lynelle, who now had the show of a faint smile on her face.

“I will take a hint, but someday … you will see! Someday the world will know my name, I will be the greatest comedian around.”

Lynelle smiled in the dark. He drove her crazy at times, but she did love his Happy spirit. He was an optimist for sure. Always looking for his big break, certain that it would be soon. Lynelle was thankful that in the mean time he had a well paying job as a corporate executive, let him keep dreaming, she didn’t mind. Tomorrow she was due to get her hair done, then her nails and the full treatment at the spa. They opened at 8am, and she had the first appointment of the day, she needed her beauty sleep now.

Trent sat at the kitchen table with his empty bowl in front of him, he had finished off the peanut butter ice cream. Now there was an excuse to buy more. Sleep wouldn’t come. The sheep kept jumping the fence as he counted, without his eyes growing any heavier. Lynelle had drifted off and was sleeping soundly, she hadn’t noticed that he got out of bed and came downstairs.

He sat at the table letting his mind go back in time to their Senior Prom. She was his dream date that night and she still was, he felt like the luckiest guy alive. He hadn’t told her about his meeting which would be later today. It may be the breakthrough that he was waiting for.

He was going to be meeting with a magician by the name of Lawrence. Lawrence had his own show and was looking for a comedian to open up for him. If Lawrence chose him, Trent would be making more money than he ever had before in his career as a comedian. Well okay, so this would actually be the first job he would have as a comedian and the starting pay may not be that much, but he had to start somewhere.

From what he knew Lawrence was struggling too, which explained the low pay that Trent would be making, but Lawrence was a dreamer like Trent. He sounded eager on the phone, saying how their big day was right around the corner. He and his bunnies were going to be the talk of the town and together with Trent they may make history.

Tomorrow at 2pm they were to meet in the park. Lawrence liked going there to let his bunnies run around.

Trent washed his dish and headed upstairs back to bed, he would try to get some sleep. He needed to be awake and sharp tomorrow. This may be the start of something new, goodbye corporate America, hello stage! Closing his eyes, he smiled and he started counting bunnies hopping the fence. Before too long, he was in dreamland, ZZZzzzz.

24 thoughts on “The Golden Ticket to a New Beginning

  1. Trent seems to be a clean guy, given that he washed his dish after finishing his ice cream. If I was a corporate executive, I’d leave that job to the maid. Trent also seems fiscally foolish, since he wants to trade a career where he makes about a thousand times what the average worker makes, for a career that will leave him wondering how he’s going to pay his utility bills. I think Lynelle will find another man very quickly, the day she learns she can’t get her full treatment at the spa.

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  2. Too funny. Your T-Rex joke reminded me of a friend who won an Elvis impersonation at a bar. He laid on a table on his back and crossed his arms on his chest. Boos and cheers followed. Keith

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  3. loved the opening dinosaur joke!

    and I wish Trent the best, I just hope he has put some money away for a rainy day.

    if Lawrence and Trent need a juggler for their show, keep me in mind… I have a name in mind, but it’s already taken – The Three Stooges…

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