Pigs like Ice cream too!

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“Mommy I need another ice cream cone!”

Connie was coming out of the house and she stopped in her tracks. There was a pig eating her son’s ice cream cone!

“I shared with him, you always told me that its good to share. We both were licking it, but then I decided that he could have it all and I would just get another one. Please Mommy!”

Connie was thinking of how many times she would need to have Tate rinse his mouth with mouthwash tonight! Where did the pig come from? She didn’t know of any neighbors that owned pigs.

“Can I Mommy, please?” Tate was looking at her pleading eyes.

“Yes, I will go make another cone for you.”

Tate was all smiles, “Sprinkles please!” and then he ran back to the table where the pig was still enjoying his cone.

Shaking her head Connie walked back inside to make another Chocolate Marshmallow ice cream cone. Making herself one as well she walked back outside and sat with Tate as he ate his cone. Mr. Pig didn’t take too long finishing up his cone and then to Tate’s disappointment he started walking away.

He looked up at his Mom and puckered out his bottom lip. “I wanted to keep him! I was going to name him Squiggles.”

They watched to see where he would go. Walking around the front of the house after him they were shocked to see a moving van down the street from them. Mr. Squiggles was heading straight for that house and sure enough he turned in there!

Tate was ecstatic! “Mommy! Squiggles lives on our street!” They saw a young boy and girl come out from around the truck and yelled when they saw Squiggles. They ran to him, giving him hugs and then he followed them inside.

Squiggles quickly endeared himself with everyone on the street. He would often go out for walks to visit the neighbors and often get treats.

Tate became great friends with Nathaniel, who was his age. They played with Squiggles a lot! Squiggles real name was Leonardo, but to Tate he would always be Squiggles. Sometimes Squiggles would follow them down to the creek and splash in it with them. Tate never knew how much fun a pet pig could be. He kept talking to his parents about getting a pig, a playmate for Squiggles, but so far it was a losing battle. Parents could be so stubborn at times.

There was only one lady on the street that wasn’t too fond of Leonardo for she was known for growing beautiful flowers. She prided herself on earning blue ribbons at the fair every year for her stunning blue flowers.

Pinterest image

But not this year, thanks to Squiggles, who had decided to have them for a snack one day!

After that, Squiggles was not allowed to roam around the neighborhood without someone being with him.

One extra hot day Nathaniel and Tate were cooling off in the lake with Squiggles.

“Wouldn’t it be so cool if Squiggles could talk?”

Nathaniel grinned, “That would be awesome!”

Squiggles smiled to himself, if only they knew, humans could be so clueless.

31 thoughts on “Pigs like Ice cream too!

  1. How a child views an item changes with time, as they grows so does Squiggles and the name could change tp porky. If it thinks humans are clueless, now would be a good time to inform them what they’ve been missing before they regard him as dinner.

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  2. At our county fair, they race these miniature pigs around a small race track every half hour. The pigs are rewarded afterward with a soft ice cream cone. Pretty funny to watch.

    Liked by 2 people

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