The Surprise Reunion

The man rubbed his bushy beard for a few moments staring at his client. Then he got up out of his chair walked over to his desk, putting two Alka Seltzer pills in the water glass on his desk.

After he took the last gulp and was seated once again in his chair he spoke.

“Mrs. Shrewder I am pleased to tell you that this will be your last session.”

The young lady looked at him with her green eyes full of questions.

“But…but…I thought you had said before that I would be seeing you for 12 weeks? I have only been here 8 weeks.

He was beginning to sweat. His nerves were shot. “You have been such a fast learner! Be proud!” he said in a shaky voice.

Her confused look gave way to a hesitant smile. “Well if you are sure.”

“Absolutely! I wish you the best!”‘

Mrs. Shrewder rose up from her chair and grabbed a tissue off the desk dabbing at her eyes, her mascara running a little.

“Thank you for all your help! You are the best and I will miss you. I…gotta go ..before I…” and she hurried out of the room.

Mr. Liepet paged his secretary. “Make sure to never accept any future appointments from Mrs. Shrewder and please bring me some more alka seltzer. Thank you.” Letting out a huge sigh of relief he sank back into his chair.

Mrs. Shrewder got in her car and let out an eerie laugh. “Imagine that, me? A fast learner….well thats just dandy! Looks like the surprise reunion with Patrick may happen sooner now.” And she laughed again, with an evil gleam in her eye.

Anastasia had been looking forward to this reunion for a long time! Oh yes, she had to even the score with him, showing her immense “gratitude”. It was showtime and FBI agent Patrick was in for a big surprise!

(To be continued…)

44 thoughts on “The Surprise Reunion

  1. Oh my … I KNEW she was evil!!! But … the dude with the bushy beard … a psychologist? A lawyer? A private teacher? I’m scritching my head … and just before bedtime, too! 🀣 Anxiously awaiting, with bated breath, the next installment!

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