The Plot

He counted his money once again. It took a lot of saving but he finally had reached his goal. Arthur rubbed his hands together with excitement pulsing through him.

Opening up his drawer he took out the bus schedule. All he had to do was get to the bus station and then he would be on bis way. A round trip ride to Vegas!

The only problem was figuring out how he would get to the bus station.  Sighing loudly, he kept tapping his head with his hand, there had to be a way!

Aha! He had an idea. Some uneasiness sprang up about it but it wasn’t like he was overflowing with options. Arthur made a little face. Sometimes one just has to do what they gotta do, no matter what.

3 days until the bus was due to leave. 3 days of needing to do some sweet talking to a certain lady. He could do it, he just needed to keep Vegas forefront in his mind, telling himself it would be worth it!

Arthur was sitting in the lobby working on a puzzle when he heard her.

” Arthur dear are you ready?”

Charlotte was at his side and he had to keep himself from asking if she had taken a swim in a pool of perfume. Oh, he dreaded the hour long square dance class but it was worth it for a free ride to the bus station tomorrow!

Charlotte was his ride to the station! She had recently acquired the car from her sister and was more than happy to take her snookums for a ride.

So everything was worked out. Nurse Julie thought he was going to spend some time with his granddaughter. Shannon, his granddaughter, was just like him. A lot of tricks up her sleeve.

She called and talked to Nurse Julie and she fooled her Mom as well. He didn’t know what story she told but he knew he owed Shannon a really big Christmas gift this year. She wants him to win big in Vegas.

The next morning he was up and ready to roll! He was in such a good mood that Charlotte’s chatter didn’t even bug him, he had learned to tune it out.

Nurse Julie told him to have fun with his granddaughter. She seemed extra cheery this morning which if he didn’t know better he would think she was hiding something. Oh well, it didn’t matter he was off for a week of high rolling fun!

They arrived at the bus station, after a rather harrowing ride! He didn’t want to ride with Charlotte again. He got his ticket and sat down on the bench to wait.

“You don’t need to wait with me. I will be fine. Thanks again for the ride. You can go back now so that you don’t miss bingo.” Arthur gave her his biggest smile,  hoping she would leave. She had talked non stop on the 30 minute ride to the station.

“Oh Arthur, you so sweet! But I have a big surprise for you.” She showed her pearly whites.

Arthur’s smile changed  “A…A surprise?”


Charlotte looked like she was going to burst! “I can’t wait any longer…. I have to tell you …. you are going to love it! You see…Oh there is Nurse Julie…she will explain it all.”

Arthur gulped and he started sweating when he saw Nurse Julie’s face. But she wasn’t mad, in fact she looked way too happy. What was going on?

“Hi Arthur. Are you Ok, you look a little pale? Sure hope you aren’t getting sick. It will be a long ride to Vegas if you are. I don’t want a sick companion.”

Arthur spit out the water that he had just drank from his cup.

Julie acted like nothing had happened as she kept talking. “I had the most informative conversation with your dear granddaughter. She cares deeply about you and wanted to let me know about some crazy plan of yours to run off to Vegas.”

Arthur looked away from Julie, he couldn’t meet her eyes. Shannon had pulled one over on him! She was getting a big bag of coal this Christmas!

“So are you ready to go? I been wanting a vacation. “

Arthur began to feel a little better, he was still going to Vegas and Nurse Julie was the nicest nurse from the “jail”. This trip might be fine after all.

Whoa! Wait!! Oh No, Nooooo! Arthur’s shoulders slumped at Nurse Julie’s next words.

“And since Charlotte was so nice to give you a ride and you all been extra close this week I thought I would ask her to come along!”

Charlotte linked her arm into his as they walked towards the bus. “Surprise Snookums!”

Yes, Shannon was definitely getting coal for Christmas!

32 thoughts on “The Plot

    • Arthur is a great guy BUT … he is also beginning to show the early signs of dementia. That is why Shannon was concerned about him going alone. He will still have a good time, though its not exactly as he had planned.

      You did notice Charlotte right? How Happy she is! No tears slipping out of her eyes this time!

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  1. Chapter 2—Charlotte goes on Dancing With the Stars and hits it big, Nurse Julie becomes a Vegas blackjack dealer, and Arthur loses everything. They don’t build those fancy casinos because people are winning.

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  2. When Arthur arrived in Vegas, he began playing blackjack at the first casino he and his entourage came upon. But soon a big burly bouncer stepped up beside him and escorted him out. So on they went to the next casino, only to have the same thing happen to him. Over and over this scene repeated itself. Finally Arthur’s dementia cleared for a moment, and he remembered why he was always a persona non grata. He confessed to Julie and Charlotte that he had once been a big-time gambler in Vegas, but had been blacklisted from every casino for counting cards.
    So Nurse Julie dressed Arthur up in a disguise, loaned him some money, and they hit every casino in town. Arthur won big, and split his winnings with Nurse Julie. Then he celebrated his winnings and got drunk. The next morning he woke up with Charlotte next to him, and to his horror he discovered he’d been married to her in a wedding chapel, by a minister who looked like Elvis Presley.

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