A Shot of Laughter

Arthur peered down the hall. The coast was clear. Breathing a sigh of relief he ambled down the hall towards the game room. He felt like playing some shuffle board.

“There you are! I been looking all over for you.”

Charlotte was all smiles when she bumped into Arthur as she was coming out of another resident’s room. She hooked her arm around his and Arthur mumbled something under his breath.

“What did you say Arthur?” Bending her head towards him, she fluttered her green eyes at him. “Do you want to whisper sweet nothings into my ear?”

Arthur groaned. Not noticing his groan Charlotte told him how they should go to the square dance class together.

Nurse Julie was walking down the towards them and she noticed the look of desperation on Arthur’s face.

“Oh Arthur glad I found you. Come witb me so I can give you your shot.”

“A shot!” Arthur’s eyes got big.

“Yes, I need to do it now and then you will have to lie down for an hour afterwards.”

There was confusion written all over Arthur’s face and Charlotte looked crestfallen.

“A shot now? If you have to rest for an hour afterwards you will miss the square dancing class!”

His eyes suddenly brightened, and he saw Julie’s slight wink.

Putting a hand over his mouth he mumbled to Charlotte that he was so sorry but he has to listen to Nurse Julie!

Charlotte sadly let go of his arm and then saw Richard. “Richard, do you want to go….” Poor Richard looked frantically around for an escape.

Arthur grabbed Nurse Julie’s arm as they headed to her office.

When they entered her office Arthur’s eyes were dancing with delight. “That was great! I owe you one!”

“Roll up your sleeve, please.’

“Wh-what! You were joking about the shot, right?”

“Well you don’t need to sleep for an hour afterwards. Now roll up your sleeve please. ”

Arthur searched her face for a glimmer of a smile or a teasing gleam in her eye but she suddenly had become so serious.

“But. .but…I don’t like shots ..why do I neeed a shot…what is …”

“I don’t have time for your questions, old man.”

She reached into her pocket pulling out the largest needle Arthur ever did see!

Nurse Julie rolled up his sleeve, and then dissolved in laughter at the panicked look on his face.

When Arthur realized that it was all a joke he blew out a sigh of relief. Turning to Nurse Julie he said, “That was mean!” but there was a twinkle in his eye. ‘You are good! Of course I knew the whole time that you were fooling ”

Nurse Julia laughed, “yeah sure you did! Should I go tell Charlotte you can square dance now?’

Giving her a sheepish grin, he quickly walked out of her office to go play some shuffleboard. He could hear the echo of Nurse Julie’s laughter the whole way down the hall.

25 thoughts on “A Shot of Laughter

  1. In a quiet corner of the public room, poor Charlotte dances alone pretending she has a partner. A small tear slowly makes its way down her cheek. The other people are all engrossed in conversation and merriment and fail to take notice of her. Finally at the end of the dance, the orderlies come and gently carry her off to her room.

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  2. Later, Nurse Julie saw Arthur coughing and coughing, and began to regret not having given him his Covid vaccine. But after 5 weeks on a ventilator, he pulled through, and boasted of his immunity. He even went around daring other patients to cough in his face, while triumphantly bragging about being immune. And he refused to wear a facemask ever again.
    This led to prison time for poor Arthur, and he spent the rest of his years doing hard time in San Quentin.

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