Tuesday’s Thoughts

In case you all wondered where Tuesday’s quotes were, here they are at last. Today wasn’t a regular Tuesday, but it was a good day. One of the things I did was soak up Vitamin D on a long walk with my sister in law and niece. Now with the people that plan ahead and do drafts when a day comes up thats different from usual they are still prepared. Than you have the people like me … Enjoy the quotes and I hope you got to enjoy some sun today.






If you are too young you won’t understand this.


The best “kitty litter” around!!




No, my walk today wasn’t on the beach but that day is coming!


52 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts

  1. You should have joined the Boy Scouts, where the motto is, “Be prepared.”
    I like #3 best. Churchill had a lot of failures, but his enthusiastic attitude got him through.
    And #5 is something I’ve wondered about, too. That dad must have had a ton of money to take a family vacation like that. It’s no wonder he left one of his kids home alone.

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  2. Excellent collection this week, JR!
    I like 8, 9, & 10 the best.

    #9 is how we’ve saved a ton of $$’s by armchair traveling from home! I mean, you seen one cathedral/museum/statue . . . you seen them all. But each wave/snowflake/flower is a mini miracle.

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