Second Chances

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Where would she go now? She may be wearing all white, but going to the “Chapel of Love” was not on her list of places to go.

Randy would be heart broken right now as he stood in a full church. All the guests would be there, except for one very important person,THE BRIDE!

Anastasia was glad for a little light. She had run without knowing where to run too. Panic hit her and she had bolted like lightning. Running away was something she was good at. Had done it a lot in her past. It looked like she was doomed to keep it up.

Randy was one of the most caring guys that she had ever met. He was amazing and the most amazing thing was that he loved her! He really did love her, no matter what her past had been like and all the things she was guilty of.

Why had she run? Now was the time to turn over a new leaf. She was being given another chance to make something good out of her life and so far she was failing.

While lying in the hospital in traction she had a lot of time to think and she knew she wanted to be a better person.

The Dr said she should have died, but she didn’t and that hit Anastasia hard. The fact that the Dr couldn’t explain how she had survived getting hit by the tractor trailer, gave her goosebumps.

In the hospital room one night she had vowed to make a difference. She was going to be kind and helpful to others. Most of all she was ready to stop running.

Shortly after that vow a whirlwind romance broke out between her and Randy, her physical therapist. Oh how she loved him! Without his encouragement she would not have made it through. Physical therapy was hard, but she pressed on. Learning to walk again was no easy feat. Randy’s arms had held her as she cried. He always knew how to make her smile again.

Feeling on the verge of tears she buried her face in her hands. Thoughts came back to her of Randy’s gentleness and the many ways that he had shown his love.

What was she doing hiding out in a dark barn? The guy, who was the love of her life wanted her. He accepted her faults and all. He still loved her, she was being an idiot! Stop running Anastasia, she told herself.

She knew what she had to do, she would go back! This was her time! Her day to shine and start anew. Anastasia squinted in the bright sunshine when coming out of the barn.

Standing there for a moment she took some deep breaths and then took off. The “Chapel of Love” was calling her name and Anastasia was ready to show the world that she could change. Everyone deserved a 2nd chance.

Miss. Anastasia was back! In the pasture a certain cow let out a loud Moo, staring at Anastasia until she was out of sight.

34 thoughts on “Second Chances

  1. So Ana lived, eh? She must be quite a tough gal to survive being run over by a truck. Anyone that tough is going to give Randy a run for his money. But what about her criminal past? Doesn’t she have to go back to jail, or has Betsy secured herd immunity for her?

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  2. while waiting for Ana to arrive at the church, Randy spotted another one of his PT patients who he was also very friendly with, and decided to marry her on the spot… Ana arrived just as the minister pronounced the new couple husband and wife…

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  3. AHA!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW it!!! I’ve said all along that somewhere, sometime, Anna would reappear! Hmmmm … now the question is: Do we trust this Anastasia aka Anna to have truly turned over a whole new leaf? I’ve long believed that old adage that says that “a leopard doesn’t change his spots”. Time will tell, for I trust we haven’t see the last of Anastasia/Anna!!!

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