The Feuding Birds

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“How long do you think they will stay mad at each other?”

“Who knows! You know how stubborn they both can be.”

Gilda the goldfinch sighed. Her husband was right. Tilly and Milly were indeed stubborn.

The sisters drove all the other birds crazy. Sammy and Susie flew away yesterday. They were headed South. Gilda had expressed surprise for it was still summertime.

Sammy looked at Tilly and Milly and Gilda had her answer. She saw the glare in Sammy’s eyes. They had been squawking so loudly during the night, no one could sleep!

Thankfully they were quiet now, giving each other the silent treatment. The other birds were relieved, thinking how silence really was golden.

“Hi Gilda! So what are Tilly and Milly are worked up about now?” Brie the bluebird flew down to sit next to Gilda.

“Didn’t you hear all their fussing last night? How could you not know?” Gilda’s eyes widened in surprise, she had assumed that everyone knew why they were feuding. They hadn’t been quiet about it.

“I wasn’t here last night. I flew over to Benny’s nest.” There was a gleam in Brie’s blue eye.

Gilda was happy for her friend, she figured it wouldn’t be long before their two nests became one.

Sadly Brie had lost her husband awhile back. He had flown away to find some special feathers for their nest. He had seen a proud peacock strutting around at a neighboring farm. She had the most elegant feathers and he was sure he could find some that had dropped or she may be even willing to give him some.

Noone knew for sure what had happened, but he never came back. Rita the robin said she had seen other female bluebirds at the farm. Some birds put two and two together but noone talked about it. They wanted to respect Brie’s feelings.

“Well, I will fill you in the best I can. I tried my best to make sense of their tweeting. Milly must be the fastest tweeter there is!”

Lily caught a big, juicy worm and she shared it with Charlie the Cardinal. He is the new guy and Lily just wanted to be friendly.

Milly saw them sharing the worm and got all flustered. She griped at Lily and Lily got mad and squawked back at her. Told her she needed to be on a diet anyway!”

Brie’s eyes twinkled with mischief. “Oh I bet that made Milly mad!”

“It sure did! She pulled a feather from Lily. Lily pulled a feather from Milly and soon the feathers were flying. Poor Charlie didn’t know what to do.”

Some birds think he should have intervened and have called him a chicken. I don’t know if he will stay around now. He probably thinks we all are crazy.

So, Milly is insisting that Lily apologize for calling her fat and Lily said she never said she was fat. Now they stubbornly sit in silence on the branch.”

Brie rolled her eyes. “Those two are Dodo birds!”

Gilda laughed, “or Cuckoo! Both fit well.”

Gilda and Brie kept tweeting until Brie said she had to go. She had a nest to visit.

Night fell and still Tilly and Milly sat in silence and unmoving.

Just when the other birds thought their fight would never end, something happened.

In the blink of an eye, their argument ended, and nary a mean word was said again, by either one.

They lost their balance when strong winds blew and they fell off the branch.

That was the last anyone saw them. They just disappeared with no forwarding address but rumor has it that Rudy the neighbor’s cat gained some extra weight.

49 thoughts on “The Feuding Birds

  1. I’m just Sidney the sparrow and not in on all that goes on round this branch and I could do with filling in with all the goss. Most especially I’d like to know what happened to Brie’s last husband and what it might or might not have to do with other female bluebirds at the farm. Did they gang up on him nd bump him off, lead him to a trap with the farm cat or did one of them tempt him away?

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  2. When we used to visit my sister-in-law and her husband, they’d often invite us into their flowery backyard for a drink. Then we watched what they termed “the hummingbird wars.” It was pretty fascinating to watch the interactions of different species of birds with each other.

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