Tuesday’s Thoughts!

How is your Tuesday going? I enjoyed swinging on the porch swing this morning before it gets too hot and humid. Our porch swing is old and rusty, but it still swings, though it may squeak now. It was still relaxing as I was lying on it feeling glad that my work schedule is going back to normal once again. Not so many long night shifts anymore. I may be able to actually think a little clearer, now that I will be out of zombie mode. 

What is your favorite summer fruit? We bought a new type of melon this week. Picasso melon. It was speckled, like it had been splattered with paint. Its good, could be a little sweeter for me, but it beats out cantaloupe in my opinion. Watermelon, raspberries, and golden kiwis are what I have been enjoying the most this summer. 


One more month of summer left! It needs to slow down! Get a cold drink, slow down a little, and enjoy the following quotes.





For all you “babies” of the family out there, we have to stick together! 🙂







39 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. I like #4 best, because I’m the baby in my family. When I was a kid my siblings would tease me for being so young. But now I tease them about their old age. It seems we babies always get the last laugh.

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  2. Joy, glad you enjoyed the swing. I understand the heat, as I try to do all my hard work in the morning. I have never heard of a Picasso melon. All fruits are good in the summer, I think, although I am partial to strawberries and cold watermelon. I love throwing berries in my green salads during the summer, maybe with some walnuts and an offsetting tangy dressing. Be cool, be in the shade. Keith


    • With getting older I do not like the humidity as much which has made Fall more appealing. What I love about summer though is the nights staying lighter longer , not having to worry about having a jacket and of course the BEACH! 🙂
      But yes triple digit weather is UGH!

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