Caught Red Handed!

This is Part 2 to my Rising to the Challenge post. I wasn’t sure if I would continue this story and then a blogger friend gave me an idea. I have such creative readers! He suggested a twist as to why Raquel’s fashion drawings were not accepted. Thanks Jim! πŸ™‚ Enjoy!

Mademoiselle Lavrigne was sitting in her studio poring over the drawings spread out all over her desk.

So amazing! She was thrilled with all the possibilities that could result from these designs.

Her phone buzzed. She pushed the speaker button. “What is it Holly, I am extremely busy.”

“There is a Mr.Rigalatto here to see you.”

Mademoiselle’s pulse quickened. Heat began to rise in her cheeks.

“Send him in please.”

This was it, she was counting on him loving these new designs. He was one of her biggest distributors. His women’s clothing store was among the very top ones in Paris.

“Welcome Pierre!” Shs walked over to him giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“I think you will be most pleased when you see these new designs.”

Pierre was a man of few words. He only nodded his head, then sat down at her desk to study the designs.

Mademoiselle felt as nervous as a runner at the starting line for a race. These designs had the potential to propel her far ahead to even more greatness.

He cleared his throat and acted like he was going to speak but he didn’t. Oh, the tension of waiting was making her head begin to ache.

Pierre rose up from the chair. “These are superior! Call me when the outfits are completed and I will give you my order. Wonderful work, darling. Natural talent at its best.” And leaving her with a kiss on the cheek he walked out the door.

Joy pulsated through her veins. She couldn’t wait to get started. Oh she dreamed about what all she could do with the money these new designs would bring her.

She had struck gold. A twinge of guilt struck her, but it didn’t stay. Mademoiselle was a lady of little conscience.

She pushed the speaker button, “Holly have my maid fix me some tea please.”

“This is her day off Ma’am. “

She rolled her eyes. Why did her staff think they needed time off? You just can’t get good help these days!

“Get the pool boy please. He can make me some tea.:

Most likely he wasn’t doing anything but floating around with the pool noodles. Such a doolally he was, though he did have luxurious looking hair, that she couldn’t deny.

Twenty minutes later he came into her studio with her cup of Chai Spice tea. She was busy looking at the designs and making notes. Barely looking up as he came in, she mumbled her thanks.

Setting down the hot tea he noticed the designs spread out everywhere.

“What do you think of my latest work?”

“They are brilliant!”

Madame eyes shined with pleasure.

“But they aren’t yours.” He muttered under his breath, while walking out the door. Oh, time couldn’t move fast enough!

Raquel’s drawings had always been so good! She had a natural talent and he had seen to it that www no one was going to steal from his sister’s best friend!.

When he had been home for a visit he saw the designs Raquel was working on. He was impressed!

Imagine his surprise when he heard and saw Mademoiselle showing off Raquel’s drawings, claiming them as her very own. It took all his self control to refrain from saying anything to her, but now the time was here!

Mademoiselle may think she is clever but she thinks too highly of herself. Everything was going as planned. Raquel was due to arrive in a few hours, escorted by Mr. Pierre Rigaletto. Pierre was good friends with Allister, and Alliister had told him the whole story.

Raquel was jubilant! Celebration was in the air! When confronted Mademoiselle backed down and started apologizing profusely.

“Thank you so much Allister! Raquel threw her arms around him. What would I have done without you.”

Allister blushed. “I am so glad it all worked out. You are a talented designer and you deserve your chance to shine!”

“And now thanks to you I will get it! But now is your time to shine Birthday boy!”

Now it was Allister’s turn to be surprised.

“Come follow me to the pool.”

When they got outside Allister was surprised to see his family and friends gathered around it.


They celebrated into the night, turning the pool lights on and singing Happy Birthday at the stroke of midnight.

“Can I be the first one to kiss the birthday boy?”

His eyes told her all she needed to know and happiness flooded through her. This may be their first kiss but not their last. The perfect ending to a perfect day.

31 thoughts on “Caught Red Handed!

  1. Your stories always have such happy endings … when we let you, that is! I’m gonna let you this time, for although it seemed that Mademoiselle Lavrigne (the b*tch) capitulated a bit to quickly, I liked the way this one ended … it made me happy. So, I shan’t suggest any evil nemeses lurking in the background! This time. Don’t get used to it. πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Raquel quickly married Allister, and soon after she became a rich and famous fashion designer. But it would always be a source of tension in her marriage, that Allister dressed like a slob. After all, he was just a pool boy at heart, and preferred walking around in an old teeshirt, Speedo, and flip-flops. She did her best to dress up her husband, even designing a flattering teeshirt that helped disguise his pot belly and cover his Speedo. But it was no use. After a few days he would discard the new clothes and go back to his old, worn, casual attire.

    After awhile, her fans began to take notice. Raquel worried, fearing this could lead to the end of her career. But to her surprise, they started to emulate Allister, thinking that this must be the way all men should dress. And before you knew it, Allister became a fashion sensation, and every man in the country began dressing like him.

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