Life in Oklahoma

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“Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day. I got a wonderful feeling, everything’s going my way!”

Allegra stepped out of the shower, almost slipping on her new, tiled floor.

She had been in Oklahoma for a month. Moving from bustling NYC to Oklahoma was quite a change but she was enjoying it.

Going for a walk and seeing a cute prarie dog, like she frequently did now, was not something that had ever happened in NYC.

Accepting this promotion to executive director of the Flibbertigibbet advertising company was a lot more responsibility but Allegra was ready for the challenge.

Rachel, her secretary knocked on Allegra’s office door.

“Come in!”

“Another delivery of flowers for you.” Setting them on Allegra’s desk she left without a word.

Allegra sensed some jealousy but she didn’t care. She smiled, shaking her head. Every day now for the past 2 weeksΒ  she had received a special delivery of flowers.

The sender of them remained a mystery. Perhaps today a name would be on the card.

She let out a squeal of joy. There was a name and it was him!! The suave guy with eyes as blue as the sky. She had been secretly hoping it would be Fernando and it turned out she was right.

He wanted to take her out tonight to the new Italian restaurant. His day was full of meetings but he would pick her up at 7.

Allegra’s heart sang! With the bouquet of daisies in her hand she ran outside for a breath of fresh air.

Raising the flowers up to the azure blue sky she sang, “Oh what a beautiful morning…!”

Fernando was such a gentleman and she had felt the spark the first time they had met at work. He had to be the most handsome employee. A dark tan and bulging muscles. Her stomach was doing flips.

Obviously he was a romantic, sending her flowers every day with sweet little poems. She skipped up the steps taking them 2 by 2. Her heart was light and filled with song. Yes, everything was going her way!

At exactly 7pm the doorbell rang. Allegra’s heart skipped a beat. She opened the door in her little red dress and gold necklace.

“Hi Allegra! You look stunning.”

Allegra’s words died on her lips while staring at Fernando. Her face must be as red as a cherry. This wasn’t who she thought Fernando was! It was Tanner.

She felt the urge to cancel on Tanner, how could she have confused them. They didn’t look anything alike.

Then she looked at the flowers around her apartmenr and her heart grew warm remembering the poems he had penned for her. She would be a complete fool to cancel.

Taking his arm, she walked out the door and saw a sapphire blue Lamborghini. He walked her towards the car and opened the door for her.

“Oh what a beautiful motning….” ran through her mind once more.

Life in Oklahoma was turning out quite fine. Quite fine indeed.

65 thoughts on “Life in Oklahoma

  1. It appears Tanner pulled a sneaky trick, signing Fernando’s name to fool Allegra into going out with him. This violates the male code of ethics. But I think he could have signed his name, “Lamborghini,” and had the same success. By the way, what shade of blue ink did he sign his name in? Navy blue? Indigo blue? Moon blue? Cerulean blue? Lapis blue? Ocean blue? Cobalt blue? Denim blue? Aegean blue? Berry blue? Stone blue? Ice blue? Cheese bleu? Arctic blue?

    Or was it emerald blue?

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  2. Well, I was going to comment that this Allegra seems a bit … erm … shallow, more concerned with how the dude looks and what he drives. But then, an unlikely coincidence occurred to me … the name … Allegra … Begins with an ‘A’ and ends with an ‘A’. Now … wasn’t there someone else way back when who had a similar name … πŸ€” … give me a minute … I’m sure it will come to me …


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