Friday’s Super Short Stories!


Sharing sunny moments with special sisters! 


Two Turtles Tanning …. One about to take the plunge.

Mexican food … Peach daiquries … Sister’s lunch … Fresh, warm pastries … Banana split popcorn….Conversations from the heart … Perfect Sisters Day!

33 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

      • I’ll pass, for just reading the description made me feel 🤢. However, you might have a couple of converts in my daughter and granddaughter, for when I read the description to them, they both began drooling! Awww … pobrecita! Night shift sucks … except for the fact that it’s quiet and peaceful, no bosses in your face!

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        • Apparently your daughter and granddaughter have good taste. LOL!
          Well I don’t have a boss over me in the day either. 😄 i am a caregiver in a private home. But I do agree with you. When I worked in a nursing home and filled in for night shift at times it was quiet and peaceful!

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          • They have … eclectic tastes … as in, “if it’s sweet, then let’s eat!”

            Ahhhh … I’ve often wondered about your line of work, given the odd hours. My hat is off to you! Daughter Chris tried home care nursing shortly after getting her RN, but it didn’t work out. Her patients were two teens and the father was very abusive. When Chris reported him, she almost lost her license, for he was some bigwig on the town council or some such.

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            • Oh dear, that is awful! I ran into a bad situation before too and went back to working at a nursing home. Taking care of this elderly lady though has been great in spite of crazy hours this month. Her family is wonderful! I am not working through an agency, I just deal directly with them.

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  1. I’ve been out of town and am playing catch up today, Carolyn. I’ve got a thing for turtles. They are one of life’s most interesting creatures. It’s impressive that you captured the turtle right in the act of going into the water. I’m assuming you took that photo.

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    • Hi Pete! They are pretty cool and yes I took it. I was happily surprised to see how I got the turtle ready to plunge. I saw the turtles while we were walking and zoomed in as much as I could and snapped the picture quickly before they moved.


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