Rising to the Challenge

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Raquel slowly walked back to her condo. The glass of wine was still sitting there, waiting … This weekend was supposed to have been a celebration. A grand fanfare for all those involved, but there was no jumping in the waves, and clinking of glasses, raised in a toast. No happy chatter amidst the musical sound of laughter.

The only sound were the waves crashing on the shore. A sound that had brought peace many times to Raquel’s heart, but that now seemed to only intensify the echo of silence. Once she had yearned for times of solitude but now wasn’t that time.

Stepping through the door the silence of the condo was deafening. Tears slipped from her eyes, what had she been thinking when she had decided to go ahead and come here. Why had she told her friends that she wanted to be alone. She thought she could handle it, but she was doubting herself now, as she flopped on the couch and aimlessly flipped through channels . She had to stay away from QVC! Watching QVC is not what one should do when feeling down. Her credit card bill was not going to be a pretty sight.

Groaning she hit the power button turning off the TV. A Hallmark movie was definitely not something she wanted to watch right now! How she wished that her problem could be solved and wrapped up in a pretty bow in only 2 hours.

This weekend was to have been a celebration. She had thought she would soon be leaving to travel abroad. Her family and friends had been so happy for her and eager to see what her future would bring. Now all her dreams laid shattered at her feet.

She had a chance to study under the prestigious Mademoiselle Lavrigne. One of the top fashion designers in Paris. Raquel loved fashion and she had an eye for it! She wanted to shoot for the stars and this opportunity was her doing exactly that! All year she had painstakingly worked on her 10 original designs that Mademoiselle wanted to see. That would make the decision about whether she would be accepted into the program.

Raquel and her friends felt so confident when they planned this celebration at the beach. It was a celebration of her hard work being finished and counting on being awarded a place in the program. Right now Raquel hated the saying, “Don’t count your eggs before they hatch!” They had been so sure. Her friends and family still didn’t know exactly what happened, Raquel had been too upset to explain. She just told them the plans had fallen through, party was cancelled and she would explain more when she came back from the beach.

What was she going to do? It had been an awful shock receiving that email from Mademoiselle Lavrigne. Imagine her surprise when she was told in bold letters that she had been disqualified from participating in the fashion design program. Her heart had plummeted in deep disappointment and then she read on and confusion overtook her! The email said that her original designs had been copied! That they were not original. Someone else had submitted the same designs!

Raquel’s brain screamed at the injustice! She had burned the midnight oil in coming up with those designs! Getting up from the couch, Raquel felt her blood pressure start to rise again, but that was a good thing. Enough crying and feeling sorry for herself! Someone had stolen her designs and Raquel was going to get to the bottom of it. She had the dream to be a fashion designer when she was only 8 years old. How dare anyone try to steal her dream from her. Opening her door, she walked towards the beach and started to think about her course of action. The ocean roared, and confidence stirred in Raquel’s soul.

29 thoughts on “Rising to the Challenge

  1. Hmmmm … I sense the hand of Annie somewhere in here. But, I must ask a question … what is a QVC? Only thing I can come up with is QAnon Viet Cong! But I’m pretty sure that’s not it. To be continued … and what role does Betsy play in this, I wonder?

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  2. I like the name, Mademoiselle Lavrigne. I think Raquel needs some help from Betsy the Cow, who has super powers and who fights hard to correct injustice. I just hope none of Raquel’s fashion designs include the use of leather, or Betsy may not come to save the day.

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  3. I think Mademoiselle Lavrigne really just wants to claim the designs as her own and make millions off them so that she can buy another beach house.

    Good artists copy, but great artists steal, and stealing is what has made Mademoiselle Lavrigne great…

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