Queen of Fairyland

This is the continuation of my Magical Wisteria post.

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Even her dreams had never felt this enchanting before. Aria had been in FairyLand for over a week now and she continued to be dazzled by everything.

Fairies surrounded her, always eager to serve her. There were no chores for her to do. Whatever food she wanted she would get. What more could a 13 year old want?

Tonight would be the official ceremony of proclaiming her as the Fairy Queen. Excitement was building in Aria’s heart as she walked along the path.

It was like she was in her favorite Rollercoaster slowly climbing up higher and higher, eager for the giant thrill that would take her breath away!

She had been told that there would be a special surprise for her tonight. Last night she barely got any sleep, trying to imagine what her surprise could possibly be.

Teaberry, the pixie faced fairy came running up to her. “Princess Aria are you all ready for tonight?”

“You bet I am! I can’t stay still, thats why I been walking up and down this path all afternoon. My grandma used to call me her little wiggle worm. I don’t like being still.”

Mentioning her grandma made Aria feel a twinge of longing for her and her parents too. She wished they could watch her special ceremony.

Noticing the flash of sadness on Aria’s face Teaberry took her hand.

“You are going to be the absolute, best Queen and tonight will be amazing, I promise.”

Hearing Teaberry’s words and seeing her smile that was as bright as a sunflower warmed Aria’s heart. She knew her family was proud of her and someday soon she would bring them to Fairyland.

Teaberry and Aria were busy talking when they heard the bell Aria let out a squeal! Finally the time was here.

All the fairies were gathered under the wisteria in a large circle with Aria in the center.

Lady Ambrosia was talking. “Welcome everyone to the official crowning ceremony for our new Queen Aria!”

A cheer roused from the group and you could hear the rustle of the wings flapping.

“To start the evening off I would like to present Queen Aria with her own Stable boy. Someone to clean the stable and take care of her pet.”

“But…but I don’t have a stable or any pets!”

“Hmm…is that so?” Lady Ambrosia laughed, with a twinkle in her eye.

” Look over there, and see what is comimg.”

Lady Ambrosia pointed over to the right and when Aria looked, she almost fainted in shock!

The most splendiforous Unicorn that she had ever seen was coming to her! She was to have her very own Unicorn! The adrenalin was flowing. Plus a teenage boy was riding the unicorn! Her stable boy.

Aria closed her eyes for a brief moment. She was in the rollercoaster plunging downhill and the thrill was pounding in her heart. When she opened her eyes the Unicorn was right in front of her and Aria could barely breathe.

Lady Ambrosia smiled, “Congrats on your owning your first unicorn. She will be at your beck and call. Just remember one thing, unicorns are wiser than any animal and they can be a great asset to you. But they also can be sly and tricky, be careful to not fall for one of their traps.”

“I will be most careful!”

The unicorn nudged Aria and Aria stroked its head, not being able to imagine how it could be sly and tricky.

Meanwhile the boy sat on the unicorn in silence looking at Aria.

He was wearing a “deer caught in headlights” expression.

Aria felt shy suddenly but managed to say Hi and Lady Ambrosia introduced him as Jake.

Dancing and games went late into the night. One by one the fairies bid their new Queen goodnigbt.

Soon it was only Aria and Jake left sitting by the fire. Aria was studying the diamond and emerald studded crown in her hand.

“So how does it feel to be Queen?”

“I am not sure, it feels unreal and I still don’t really know what I am doing here. This all happened so fast!”

“You can say that again! One moment I am enjoying a nice swim in the river and the next moment I am here with new clothes on and sitting on a unicorn!’

Aria looked at him in astonishment. “You just suddenly appeared here?”

For the next hour they talked about their previous lifes. Jake really wished he hadn’t dropped that cowbell that he found. It must have some magical powers. All he did was shake it and in a cloud of smoke he appeared in Fairyland.

When they at last bid each other goodnight, Aria was feeling wonderful. Her heart was full to overflowing.

Falling into bed she decided that whether she ever figured out why she was here, there was one thing that made her heart smile. His name was Jake.

33 thoughts on “Queen of Fairyland

  1. How lucky for Aria. She gets her very own stable boy. Jake may like it too, between rounds of shoveling unicorn manure from the stables. But he’ll probably have to take a lot of showers, to wash the manure smell from his body, whenever Aria beckons him.

    By the way, unicorn manure is magical. When used for fertilizing farm crops, it produces rainbow-colored vegetables.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. A unicorn! I might have guessed … and I bet I know its name, too. Does it start with a ‘T’ and end with an ‘ippy’? πŸ˜‰ And Jake … the cowbell … Betsy! Oh my head is spinning. I think … this is a dream someone is having … or possibly a nightmare! Fun story!

    Liked by 2 people

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