Fun Animal Facts

Life would be so dull without animals! Enjoy the following facts.


This touched my ❀.


Thats a powerful sense of smell!


Isn’t it cute. I may have a heart for small things. πŸ™‚


Too bad that Jillian didn’t come face to face with a “cameleopard” in my story yesterday, instead of a leopard!


Sometimes you just have to laugh!


Awh! Animals need friends too!

41 thoughts on “Fun Animal Facts

  1. A lot of guys wouldn’t mind being a guinea pig in an experiment like that. But not me. I can’t afford the child support.

    How’s your shoulder doing? I want to apologize for teasing you about it, a few days ago. Now my shoulder is acting up, and I’m sure it’s bad karma for what I did to you. So please accept my sincere apology. And also, would you mind lifting the hex from shoulder?

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  2. There is something endearing about cows having best friends. This begs the question, what do cows do with their best friends? A. Tell stupid human jokes B. Talk about where they’re going out to eat for dinner
    C. Talk about the latest episode of The Bachelor D. See if they can find enough family members to get on Family Feud.

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