Frozen in Time

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“The leopard’s eyes pierced through her, as she froze like a statue, unable to move. This was one staring contest she had never planned on having!”

Jillian rubbed her eyes as the words started to blur. Her novel was coming along slowly. Now when she felt the ideas turning she found herself fighting sleep. Groaning she slumped down in her chair and looked at the clock.

5 minutes until midnight. Groaning louder she got up from her chair and headed for bed.

She had a 8am meeting with her boss first thing tomorrow. He had not been real forthcoming about why he wanted to see her, which made her curious.

Not too curious to sleep though, it had been a long day and she was beat. Closing her eyes, she hoped that no leopards would show up in her dreams.

“Good Morning Jillian.” Tina, the secretary smiled at her walking into the office.

Jillian wished her a Good Morning, but kept walking. Knowing that if she stopped to talk she wouldn’t be able to get away. To say that Tina had the gift of gab was an understatement!

Stopping at Starbucks had almost made Jillian late. The line was so long, but she had to have her double chocolate mint frappe to start the day.

Quickly throwing everything in her office she made it to her boss’s office with 5 minutes to spare.

The door opened just as she was getting ready to knock.

“Good Morning! Come on in.”

Jillian sat down in the mahogany, leather chair, anxious to hear what her boss had to say.

“You know I don’t like to beat around the bush so I will get straight to the point. Jack had an accident and broke his legs. We need you to fill in for him. He was supposed to go away on a 1 week assignment for us.”

Poor Jack! But oh lucky her! She was actually going to fill in for Jack? He was one of the best photographers that they had. She was going to go away for a week! Her assignments had always been close by.

A dreamy look was breaking out across her face. Feeling like a little kid being set free in a candy store.

“Jillian, did you hear me?”

She tried to focus. Nodding her head, she looked her boss in the eye. “Yes sir, I am listening.”

“Good. As I was saying. You will be going to Africa to photograph and write about one of the elephant reserves there.”

Butterflies were having a party in her stomach. Had she heard right? She was going to Africa! Her ship had finally come in! This was her time to shine.

Jillian couldn’t stop smiling. Her novel would have to wait, she was going to Africa.

So far her stay in Africa had been amazing! The elephants were magnificent creatures and her heart felt like it was in a constant state of euphoria.

Today she had decided to explore on her own some. They had told her she should always have a guide with her but Jillian was feeling confident.

She wanted to explore the other side of the massive reserve. It wasn’t only an elephant reserve, there were other animals to see. Thinking of the pictures she could get made her bubble over with enthusiasm.

Parking her landcruiser she got out to walk around. Promising herself she wouldn’t go far. Oh, but it felt so good walking around in the field, the tall grasses, feeling the gentle breeze. Staring at a….!

The leopard’s eyes pierced hers. Frozen, she was like a statue, unable to move. Her novel was coming to life right before her eyes!

20 thoughts on “Frozen in Time

  1. Jack must be a real jerk, as Jillian didn’t seem at all concerned about his broken legs. But as Jillian stared at the leopard, she suddenly wished Jack had not been in an accident at all, and that he was the one facing down this feline beast, rather than her.

    Nonetheless, she had a job to do. She slowly lifted the camera to her face and planted her eye over the viewfinder. She set the camera on autofocus, anticipating that this big cat might start moving around. And sure enough, it moved. Directly toward her. At first a creep, then a walk, then a trot, and then in three quick bounds it was upon her.

    Click-click-click went her camera. She captured frame after frame of this beautiful leopard, in perfect autofocus, as it sprang toward her, and landed on her. And when it was all over, her photos made the cover of a magazine, and went on to win a Pulitzer prize.

    Jillian’s parents were very proud of her, at the ceremony. They even shed a few tears, as they remembered their daughter, while accepting the prize for her, awarded post-mortem.

    But Jack didn’t give a damn.

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