Friday’s Super Short Stories!

The heat may be sweltering … but  I do love the bright sunshine that lights up the sky … it lights up the heart as well!

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When you have turned around 2x, due to being lost …. You smile, as you finally are heading the right direction … Then you see the ROAD CLOSED sign ahead …. AND that’s why they make thick, soft steering wheel covers, so one doesn’t hurt their head.

When you can’t deny the shoulder pain any longer …. you schedule an appointment and hope for the best …

60 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. Shoulder pain, eh? Sorry to hear that. I’ve had arthroscopic surgery on one shoulder. The other shoulder doesn’t quite qualify for surgery, but it gives me problems. I hope all goes well with your doctor, and the condition isn’t serious.

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  2. I totally relate to the second part, especially if I’m traveling at night or in unfamiliar areas. Thank goodness for my phone’s GPS these days because I am directionally challenged.

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    • Thanks. My appt isn’t til the 27th, will let you know.

      I bet the dogs are loving being at the park with you. Glad its nice out. Hope the showing is going well. Did you hear back about the other one?

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    • Not really. Pretty much started out of the blue. It probably happened in my sleep. LOL!
      When I was a teenager I woke up and my knee was really hurting. It was hard to walk! Went to the Dr and here my kneecap had fully attached itself to the side of my knee! No clue how it happened! I wasn’t into sports. Had no big fall. The Dr finally decided that it must have been something that was gradually happening over time.


      • Oh dear…as many times as I have dislocated my knees…two knee surgeries…OY. I wasn’t even an athlete, either. MANY dislocations, mostly the left one but, the right one went out a few times. YIKES. I used to get light-headed and nearly pass out 😠😡🤬🤢🤮😭

        I am so sorry…for both body parts. We are falling apart…😳😫

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        • OUCH! On you going through many times. I can understand about almost passing out. So painful!! When my daughter was 3 she jumped on my knee as my leg was stretched out straight. I could not speak! I literally grabbed my husband’s arm who was next to me, making him look. In the ER the doc thought it would need surgery, but he managed to pop it back into place.

          Thanks Vic! ❤

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  3. I’ve had shoulder problems ~> shoulder impingement syndrome. It’s like carpal tunnel in the wrists, but in the shoulders. Both times, a steroid shot cleared it up providing relief within a day or so. Now, if I feel a “twinge” (no matter how slight), I stop stretching or reaching with my shoulders for a couple of days and also take an anti-inflammatory to relieve the pressure.

    Good luck!

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      • Google “shoulder impingement syndrome” and see if it meshes. I went to an orthopedic specialist both times. The office took x-rays and the physician’s assistant manipulated my arms around to diagnose. Then I got a shot and was careful not to overuse the shoulder.

        Second shoulder was about 2 years after the first. Same procedure, but this time in FL instead of MD.


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