The Lost Treasure

Painting from Pinterest

Bending down to pick up the precious letter, Melinda grabbed it and continued walking to a private spot to read it.

She had been holding onto this letter for it was too hard to read at first.

When word had come of Donovan’s death, she was devastated. This was his last letter, never again would his heart bleed on paper for her.

He put the magic in her life and without him it would never be the same.

Finding a secluded spot she sat down under a tree and began to read.

“To the One who Colors my Sky:

You always believed in me and I can’t express how much thatΒ  meant to me. I knew I could count on you to be in my corner.

I have been saving for a long time and I can’t wait to show you the world. We have been separated for too long. The nights have seemed to go on forever without you and have been as dark as a sky without a moon.

I am coming my beloved. Once again the sun will rise when I look into your eyes.

If for some crazy reason I don’t make it to you I hope you get this letter. See the instructions attached to find where I hid the treasure.

Here is the key to the treasure. Use the gold wisely and you shall always have enough!

My heart may have been silenced but in my dreams it will forever beat for you.”

Melinda was tearing up again, hadn’t she cried enough? She turned over the letter to read the instructions but…. there was nothing there!

“Oh Donovan, what did you do? You forgot to write the instructions!!” She yelled in frustration, but had to smile. He always was a little absent minded. Somehow she would find the treasure, there had to be a way!

33 thoughts on “The Lost Treasure

  1. Donovan wasn’t absent-minded. What Melinda had forgotten was that he was a computer programmer who developed video games. The letter was actually a draft for a video game he was working on, where characters run horizontally along a screen, jumping over pits and other obstacles, in search of a treasure.

    He had just starting to work on the “key” part of the game, where the character picks up a golden key which unlocks another level, when a blood clot dislodged from his thumb and traveled to his brain, killing him.

    An autopsy revealed that the blood clot had developed from too much repetitive motion, while operating his jumping game with his thumb. Melinda felt very sad, because she was looking forward to playing his exciting new jumping game, but alas the secret computer code he had been planning to write was now going to the grave with Donovan and was lost forever.

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  2. Okay, maybe invisible ink, but my question is … he seemed pretty sure that he was going to die, yes? So, how did he die? When? Where? By someone’s hand? And she smiled at the end of the letter … after all her alleged tears, suddenly determined to find the treasure, which makes me wonder just how much she really loved him. To be continued …

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  3. I think at the last minute Donovan realized that Melinda would not use the gold wisely, but would instead rush out and buy a beach front home, and then live in poverty the rest of her life…

    It was his last act of love for the one who colored his sky…

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