The Christmas Disaster in July

BUZZ! BUZZ! Snowball turned off the alarm and fell back asleep.

Whop! “Hey, why did you hit me with your pillow?” Snowball was sitting up feeling groggy, glaring at Alabaster.

“We are late! I thought you set the alarm. Its 9am!”

Snowball looked at the clock, Whoops! He had been planning to doze just for a brief time after the alarm went off, but apparently he slept too long!

Quickly they got dressed. Snowball opened the fridge to drink his daily dose of prune juice and finished off his bag of dates.

Alabaster turned on the coffee maker but it wasn’t working. He groaned, smacking his head.

“I told you that you used it too much yesterday, you broke it!”

He kept pushing the button sure that it would work, but had no success. Sighing he poured himself some prune juice.

When they were ready to leave they headed for the door and Snowball noticed something.

“Hey Alabaster, next time try plugging in the coffee maker. It may help.” Snowball stood holding up the dangling cord as Alabaster’s face got a little red.

They were standing outside the hotel waiting for a taxi when Alabaster yelled, “The gifts, we forgot the gifts!”

With the speed of a gazelle they ran back inside and with shock noticed the Out of Order signs on the elevator! Tbey had just used them!

Why oh why did they get a room on the 10th floor! Up the stairs they ran, but without the grace of a gazelle. They stumbled several times but finally made it.

Grabbed the gifts from their room and ran back down, or more like slipped and slided down the stairs.

When they reached the bottom of the stairs they paused to take a breath and looked more closely at the Out of Order sign. It wasn’t for the elevators, it had been pointing to tbe restrooms.

Neither of them said a word as they walked out the door to hail a taxi.

They had been so excited to go on this special trip for Santa, but they sure hoped that the day would get better.

Santa had wanted 2 elves to go and help some special families to have Christmas in July. They had been through some hard times so Santa wanted to bring them some cheer.

All they had to do was ring the doorbell say Merry Christmas from Santa’s elves and hand them the gifts. Normally elves were not to be seen but Santa thought it would create even more happiness for the families to meet Santa’s real elves.

They arrived at the first house and rang the bell. A little boy opened the door and his eyes widened when he saw the elves.

“Merry Christmas from Santa’s elves!”

“Mommmm! You have to see this!” The little boy was jumping up and down with excitement holding the gift in his hand.

His Mom came to the door holding a freshly baked pie in her hands. She jumped at the sight of the elves and dropped the pie right on their heads.

Feeling embarrassed she apologized. Alabaster and Snowball were good sports and the Mom gave them wet cloths to help them clean themselves up from the sticky shoo fly pie.

After many thanks from the boy and his mom, they were on their way to the next house.

Little Jane was delighted with her new dolly and her parents loved the restaurant gift certificates. They had to take several pictures of Snowball and Alabaster, saying how their friends would never believe them.

The next family were in their backyard barbequing. Tommy was swinging and jumped off at the sight of Santa’s elves! After giving the gifts Tommy wanted to push them on the swing.

They swung back and forth so many times that poor Alabaster and Snowball were feeling real dizzy by the time they got off the swing. So dizzy that they stumbled into the pool!

Fortunately the family’s Lab jumped into the pool and grabbed Alabaster first gently dropping him on the ground and then Snowball.

The elves were very quiet on the way back to the hotel to change clothes. This time they took the elevator!

With only 2 houses to go they were looking forward to being done and going out for a nice supper. With the way the day was going they were beginning to think that Candy Cane had been pushing some pins into a doll!

The next house was way up on a hill. At last they made it and rang the bell. Little Theo opened the door and started crying at the sight of the elves.

They didn’t know what to do. That took them by surprise. Trying to console the boy made him cry louder. The noise brought his big brother running. He eyed the elves warily as they gave their gifts, not saying a word. They quickly said their goodbyes and left.

Finally they reached the last house. A lady opened the door with a boy and girl at her side. They were all jubilant at seeing the elves. This made Alabaster and Snowball feel a lot better.

The little girl hugged her teddy bear and hugged the elves. Alabaster and The boy ripped open his gift and threw it down in disgust as he stomped out of the room.

“Oh No! You ding a ling!” Alabaster yelled at Snowball. “Thats the wrong gift. What kid wants underwear!”

Snowball apologized profusely to the lady and quickly handed another gift to her for her little boy. She called him back and he was much happier with his remote airplane.

Back in the taxi Alabaster shook his head. “Who was that underwear meant for?”

Snowball brought up Santa’s nice and naughty list on his phone. “Thats for some guys at Bittersweet Creek. Underwear and coal.”

He started frowning as he studied the list, “This can’t be right, how did Mason and Tippner get on the naughty list? Aren’t they the 2 guys we met in Florida a while back?”

“Yeah, Mason is the one who has the cool hair!”

“Hmmm…..well Santa is never wrong, so I guess they must have done something bad. But there is a note written by their names, lets see what it says.”

Alabaster leaned over to read the message on Snowball’s phone and they both started laughing.

Santa has a good sense of humor and it appears that some girl named Cara does too.

When they got back to the hotel they went out for supper. Fried, breaded chicken which was really crispy and baby carrots on the side. Followed up with strawberry shortcake.

After supper they decided to take their new kites to the park. They started soaring high into the sky and all was going well until … the string broke and torn string was the only thing they were left holding in their hand.

32 thoughts on “The Christmas Disaster in July

  1. I always adore the elf stories and love the way you managed to work Mason & Tippner (whoever they may represent πŸ˜‰ ) into the story! But I want to know why Theo was crying at the sight of the elves … ??? Inquiring minds want to know, y’know 😊

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  2. I have to admit, I laughed a few times, especially at the “Out of Order” restroom sign. I only hope Candy Cane will put down her voodoo doll and leave poor Snowball and Alabaster alone. They are innocent little elves just trying to do their jobs.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. fun story, tough, but rewarding day for the two elves. and I thought at the end when I read about the kites getting so high that the elves were going to be lifted off the ground, and fly away to somewhere magical, like Bittersweet Creek

    Liked by 2 people

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