Magic In the Air

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Callie had never seen a mug quite like that before. It was the perfect gift, for her Mom loved peacocks. She picked it up carefully and continued walking around the little shop. Who would have thought that this gift shop would have so many cool, unique items in it. Honestly, Callie had almost not even taken the time to visit the shop, for it didn’t look like too much from the outside, but she had nothing but time on her hands so she decided to check it out. Now she was thinking that her car breaking down may not have been all bad.

Going around the corner, her eyes widened. There were unicorns of all kinds. Ceramic unicorns, glass unicorns, stuffed unicorns, and even a calendar with unicorns on it. She was beginning to feel she had stepped into a magical shop. Who knew what she would discover next?

Looking down at her phone she was surprised to see how much time had passed already. When had Bryson said that he would be there to pick her up, she was trying to remember. He had been with his last client so it shouldn’t have been too long before he could leave. He had about an hour drive, so she still had time, but probably just about 30 minutes.

Noticing the stairs and a sign saying that there were more treasures to be seen, she started up the stairs. Hearing music she looked around and found a little music box that was playing Swan Lake. 2 swan figurines were entwined together and moving around on what resembled a lake of sparkling water. Callie couldn’t take her eyes off of it. Picking it up gently she headed downstairs with her treasures. She wanted to have them wrapped well before there was any chance of her dropping and breaking them. Callie thought she would save the swan gift for a special date that was coming up! Her sister’s 1st wedding anniversary. She was a ballerina and had danced to Swan Lake many times.

While the cashier was wrapping the gifts a text came through. Reading it, she smiled, perfect timing, Bryson was almost there. He had stopped for gas, and then would be there.

Reading the rest of his text made her curious. He didn’t say much, but enough to arouse her interest. His last client had given him a special gift to show his appreciation for the marvelous job that Bryson had done for him. The text went on to say that Bryson wanted to be with Callie when he tried the gift out. All sorts of things ran through Callie’s mind. She laughed at how her imagination was running away with her. She was thinking a new car, motorcycle, boat, for he did have very wealthy clients. He did custom cabinetry for their multi million dollar houses. They could definitely afford to give nice gifts and sometimes they had, but most often they didn’t.

Watch it be something much smaller than what Callie was thinking. Like a grill, and he wanted to make a steak for her. New golf clubs perhaps, he had been hinting at wanting her to go golfing with him sometime. Callie wasn’t real thrilled about the idea, as she couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn! But, who knows, maybe she would be better than she thought.

Thanking the cashier and telling her again what a charming gift shop she had, Callie exited the shop and walked back to her car to wait on Bryson. About 10 minutes later he pulled up to her in his Ford Escape. Hopping inside she leaned over to give him a kiss.

“Thanks sweetheart, for coming! The tow truck will be here soon, we can go ahead and leave. I told him we would meet him at Mike’s Garage.”

On the way there they chatted and at last Bryson got around to telling her about his last client. They had just arrived at the Garage and parked the car, while waiting for the tow truck to come. Rolling the windows down they continued chatting.

“You aren’t going to believe what he gave me as a Thank you gift!” Bryson looked at her with his eyes shining.

Callie’s felt her heartrate go up, with the way Bryson’s eyes shined it must be something big.

“This!” he pulled it out of his pocket and Callie stared at it feeling confused.

“That! That’s what you are so happy about?”

“Yes! It’s magic! He told me that all I need to do is shake it 3x and it will take me to a magical place.”

Callie couldn’t believe her ears, “Is this a joke? How gullible do you think I am?”

Bryson wasn’t discouraged by her, he grabbed her hand saying, “You never know if you don’t try! Where is your adventurous spirit?”

Together they counted, “One, Two, Three!” They rang the bell and …. Nothing happened! Callie shook her head and gave Bryson a sympathetic gaze. “Sorry dear!” Seeing the disappointment in his eyes, she felt bad. “Why don’t we swing by the sports store and buy me a set of golf clubs?”

Hearing that brought a smile to his face.

Later that night Bryson was at home, he had just said goodnight to Callie and he was lying on the couch catching the last half of the basketball game. His cat was pawing at him, almost knocking the drink out of his hand. Bryson grabbed the cowbell that he had put on the coffee table.

He threw it to his cat, “You may as well get some pleasure from it!”

Snickers looked at the cowbell and took his paw and batted it, making it ring. His ears went up and he jumped back a little, then batted it again, and his ears went up again. Bryson was amused by the cat’s reaction to it. At least the cowbell wasn’t a total dud, it was entertaining his cat. Snickers batted it a 3rd time and POOF! Purple and pink smoke swirled around, making Bryson spill his drink.

The smoke cleared, but where was Snickers, to Bryson’s dismay Snickers had vanished!

50 thoughts on “Magic In the Air

  1. I LOVE that peacock cup!!!! I must find one! Poor Snickers must be scared out of his wits! But … I’m not worried, for Betsy will rescue him and return him home … of that I have no … well, almost no doubt! Fun story!

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  3. What a bunch of dummies. They were supposed to shake the cowbell three times, not count to three, then shake the cowbell. Snickers the cat was smarter than them. I think I will honor Snickers in a post tomorrow.

    I had to do a double-take on the peacock cup. That is truly a unique teacup. But nothing is as unique as a unicorn, and Callie should have bought a unicorn trinket, rather than some stupid swan knickknack. But apparently, she’s not very smart, so I guess I can understand it.

    Liked by 3 people

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