Fun on the 4th at the North Pole!

“Hey everyone! Look at the cool binoculars I got!” Alabaster felt proud as he stood among his friends.

“Wow! What big eyes you have? Can I borrow them?”

Alabaster handed them to Snowball. He was looking through them in awe of how close everything looked.

“Ooh that is beautiful!” he remarked.

Everyone wanted to see what was so beautiful and they ooohed and ahhed as he passed the binoculars around.

Snowball scratched his head in thought. “I wonder what kind of bird that is.”

“Well its obviously a 4th of July bird!” Tink, proclaimed

“Impressive! You not only know about numbers , but birds too.”

Tink beamed with pleasure at Snowball.

Alabaster’s super sonic binoculars were a big hit. They had no idea how far away they were seeing but they knew that no birds like that had ever been seen at the North Pole before.

After using the binoculars for awhile they decided to start the 4th of July games, for all elves loved to play games!

The first game was a Hotdog eating contest. Red ketchup and blue mustard were loaded on the hotdogs. CandyCane had made the blue mustard.

At the end of 10 minutes, Snowball was given the prize! He had gulped down 30 hotdogs! His smile stretched across his face as he posed for a picture for the North Pole Times.

Tink made a moving 4th of July speech. It gave warm fuzzies to everyone, feeling happy that they lived where they did. What could be better than living at the North Pole and having the freedom to fly around the world with Santa?

Tink had disguised himself with a beard, thinking it would make him look more distinguished when giving his speech. Sometimes working at balancing Santa’s books made him go crazy. His friends were used to it.

Jinx won the dart contest. He hit the bull’s eye the most times out of everyone. Considering that he was the oldest elf and had more experience, it was no surprise. He was delighted to be awarded a rubber chicken, which he named Charlie.

After the festivities the group of friends gathered at the coffee shop. Alabaster had 2 large cups, he had said that he needed more brain power.

Candy Cane overheard him say that and remarked with a sly grin that it would take more than coffee to help him!

Alabaster stayed calm, and acted like he didn’t hear her. He didn’t get rattled too easily. Unless you messed with his hair. He prided himself on the luxurious wave in his hair.

Since meeting a man named Mason, when they had all gone to Florida, he had been practicing Mason’s hairstyle and thought he was doing pretty good with it!

It helped that Mason had sent him some of the special hair conditioner and gel that he used. Yes, Alabaster felt cool!

Evening came and soon it would be time for fireworks. Before it got dark Alabaster and the others wanted to look through his super sonic binoculars one more time.

“Amazing!” was the word that echoed from Alabaster’s mouth while looking. The others were anxious to see what he had spotted now.

They all agreed that it was indeed amazing! What a fun, surprising 4th of July this day had been.

That night they all slept peacefully feeling thankful for this moment in time.

Well almost all of them slept peacefully. Poor Snowball’s stomach wasn’t feeling the best. He was up drinking hot milk and eating some sweet dates, thinking he didn’t want to see a hotdog for a really long time!

*images from Pinterest*

47 thoughts on “Fun on the 4th at the North Pole!

  1. I like the pics of the red-white-and-blue birds. And I think I know what inspired the super sonic binoculars.

    I can see why Snowball ate some dates. Dates are a good thing to have. I have one every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It’s always nice to wake up in the morning to a new date.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good one, Carolyn. I can’t even watch that hot dog eating contest they have every year. I read that the winner downed 76 hot dogs in ten minutes. Who would have guessed that competitive eating would become a thing?

    Liked by 1 person

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