Forever Young

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“She couldn’t hear anything above the pounding of her heart. Curled up under the table, she gulped in fear at the large shadow on the wall!”

Mary Alice read with bated breath. Mystery books were one of her favorite things. Her children thought she was too old to be reading mysteries, but what did they know.

They also thought she should learn how to knit. Why? Why stay home and knit when she could be out line dancing, listening to Willie Nelson and Tanya Tucker.

“Her hands covered her face, pressed hard against her mouth to keep her from screaming. “

Pausing for a moment from reading, Mary Alice took a sip of her special homemade tea.

Then she grabbed her notebook from her nightstand and added Dates to her grocery list, before she forgot. Now back to her book.

“The shadow slinked along the wall. To her horror it was coming her way.”

Ring Ring! Mary Alice picked up the phone, but no one was there.

“Pinching her eyes shut, she waited for the inevitable to happen. She had nowhere to run. Surely he would spot her. He rounded the corner and bent down, piercing her with his cold, blue eyes….”

Mary Alice’s hands were sweaty and her pulse racing. Ding Dong!

Horace was here. She took a couple of deep breaths to calm herself.

Time for a change of pace. She had lost track of time while reading. Digging into her purse she found her cherry lipstick and ran it across her lips. Then she slipped on her dancing shoes and opened the door.

“Hi Horace! I am all ready, lets go have some fun.”

Horace put out his arm, “I am all yours, my fair lady.”

They got into his Mustang. Driving into the sunset, while Rod Stewart sang “Forever Young” on the radio.

50 thoughts on “Forever Young

  1. I love it! Who says we oldsters have to give up reading mysteries and sit around knitting, anyway? I knitted when I was younger, but I gave it up and gave all my yarn and supplies to my daughter, who now knits every evening! But … how did you find a picture of me on Pinterest??? ๐Ÿคฃ

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  2. I see Mary Alice has good tastes, since she likes dates. She’s even going out on a date. And she’ll be able to do all the talking, since her date is Horace. Speaking of, her next date will be with a horse. No, that’s tacky.

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    • Aww aren’t you kind! โ˜บ
      Thanks Jill! You are welcome for having such a fine song stuck in your head! I honestly didn’t even think of that song until the very end of the story, when I added that line. Then I thought how it would make a great title! Yes, I thought of my title last. I do things backwards all time. LOL!


  4. Sometimes I get in a mood to read kids’ stories and feel carefree, too. But this week I’ve been reading a romance novel of the bodice-ripping variety, in which the heroine got some exercise fencing with the handsome ex-pirate before moving on to exercise of a different kind. Novels for grown-ups can be pretty silly too. But, it’s all fun ๐Ÿ™‚

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