Chickens, Music and More

Bringing you a few crazy facts to start your week off with a smile! I am smiling! Tomorrow I will be leaving on a jet plane so won’t be posting this week, but no worries, I will be back!

This is the adventure that I was hinting at last week. I am seizing the opportunity to go to a special Writer’s Conference in Franklin, Tennessee. Karen Kingsbury is an author that I have loved for years. Read all but 2 of her many NY Times bestselling books. She is leading the conference, teaching an intensive workshop on writing.

I am hoping my brain doesn’t explode, but eager to learn more. Plus there may be the possibility of magic happening too. One doesn’t know what can happen when Betsy rings her bell!

I guess he really loves his pet chicken. Hmm … I wonder if it talked to him.

One has to be careful when they challenge someone! They may have to eat humble pie!

31 thoughts on “Chickens, Music and More

  1. That’s great, Carolyn. I went to a children’s writing conference before the pandemic, and I plan on doing so again in the near future. It’s one of the best ways to network and meet other authors. So glad you are going for it!

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  2. Joy, nice. Ol’ Ludwig showed the man what’s what. Reminds me of the movie “Amadeus” where Mozart is telling Salieri, his jealous rival, the music for an opera for Salieri to write down while the former is on his death bed. Salieri is stunned at the creativity of the dying man realizing he is not even close to being as talented. Keith

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  3. How fun for you to be able to attend this conference! No doubt you’ll have a ball and learn loads. And then there’s the contacts you’ll make. Woohoo! Look out Tennessee, writer comin’ atcha! Have a great time-see you when you return!


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