The Charm of a Special Friend

This story is a continuation from last night’s post, The Thinking Tree

Spending time at Mr. Fuzzywhistle’s small farm was always a delight to Molly. They didn’t live in the same town, but Molly’s parents tried to visit pretty often.

Creampuff, the white lamb, Molly adored. She was also thrilled to get to know the 2 other sheep that Mr. Fuzzywhistle had acquired recently. One day they just happened to show up and to Mr. Fuzzywhistle’s pleasure they stayed.

Kimberly and Jacob watched Molly giving Creampuff a bottle. They loved how drawn she was to animals. She loved them so much.

They felt that the animals, especially one in particular, helped her to start talking again.

Kimberly’s heart melted while watching Molly with her favorite animal. She was sitting down on the grass in front of Betsy, the cow.

Mr. Fuzzywhistle was standing with Jacob and Kimberly, chatting.

. “Its the strangest thing. Molly and Betsy must have an extraordinary connection. Betsy disappears a lot. She can be gone for days at a time, but whenever Molly comes to visit Betsy shows up before she gets here.”

Noone said anything. They couldn’t describe it but they knew there was something special about Betsy and Molly’s friendship.

How Betsy loved Molly. She could chat for hours and Betsy would listen. She had known Molly before Molly even knew that Betsy existed.

Molly hadn’t seen her standing guard outside her Grammy’s house when her Grammy’s heart had given out in the middle of the night.

She didn’t know that Betsy had stopped the evil rabbit Jasper from taking Molly. The good bunnies had come to her rescue gathering around her.

Yes, Betsy loved Molly, and she wouldn’t share Molly’s secrets.

“Isn’t that so precious.” said Kimberly. Molly had stretched out on her belly in the grass, lying her head on Betsy’s stomach.

“You are a good friend Betsy! You listened to me even when I couldn’t talk. I remember those days. My words just wouldn’t come out. I was scared and confused. Remember me telling you that?”

“I had run away from Grammy’s house for she was sleeping sooo long. I wanted to get help but didn’t know where to go. I wandered down the road, got lost and started crying. Then several bunnies appeared all around me! Oh Betsy, they were such friendly, fuzzy wuzzy bunnies!”

“Then Kimberly came and I was so confused. I wanted my Grammy, but Kimberly seemed nice. And she really is Betsy! She loves me lots and I love her. She gives good hugs like Grammy did.”

Molly yawned and her eyes closed as she snuggled in close to Betsy’s neck. Betsy kissed her forehead.

Kimberly’s heart was full as they picked up sleeping Molly and carried her to the car.

It was so good to see Molly have a peaceful evening. She hoped she would sleep through the night. Typically after a visit to the farm she did! The past week she had been waking up crying in the middle of the night. All Kimberly or Jacob could do was rock her, until her crying subsided.

On the ride home Kimberly thought of how everyone talks about therapy dogs. They are wonderful, no doubt about it, but Kimberly knew of one very special therapy cow.

20 thoughts on “The Charm of a Special Friend

  1. Betsy really is something. I think a cow that special, you should only eat one leg at a time, to keep her around longer. It’s nice that Molly has such a good friend who looks after her. Otherwise she’d be trapped in a den of evil bunny rabbits, and just the thought of that is unthinkable.

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