The Thinking Tree

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Molly loved this tree. It was her favorite spot to come to when she wanted to be alone. She called it her Thinking Tree.

Many days after school she would enjoy a snack of cheese sticks and fruit. Then she would climb up into her special tree with her stash of Reese’s peanut butter cups, and she would think.

Thinking of any school subjects was not allowed! Instead her mind would think on happy things. Her bunny Toffee often came to her mind, oh how she loved him.

On occasion she would think of the other bunnies too that she used to have. She wished that she knew what happened to them, but at least she still had Toffee! Molly would have been devastated if all her bunnies would have disappesred! After all, they had been with her when she needed them the most.

Memories of her past were starting to come back more and sometimes they made her sad. She hadn’t told Mommy Kimberly about them. Toffee and her special tree were the only ones who heard her talk about the flashbacks.

She remembered feeling so scared that day long ago when she walked along the road by herself. Molly had no idea where she was headed to, she only knew she had to get away!

Molly wiped her eyes as more memories rolled down her face.

Her Grammy had always made the best chocolate chip pancakes. Every morning Molly would wake up to Grammy’s smiling face, warm hugs and chocolate chip pancakes.

Then one morning Grammy wasn’t in the kitchen. Where did sbe go? Molly hadn’t known what to think Grammy had always been there. She waited in the kitchen for a little while and then went to Grammy’s bedroom.

Molly had been shocked, Was Grammy still sleeping? She was lying so still and didn’t move when Molly called for her.

Molly shivered a little as she remembered crawling into bed with her and falling asleep with her head on her chest. She couldn’t forget the shock of how cold her Grammy’s hand was when she picked it up.

Oh, her sweet Grammy. She loved Mommy Kimberly but she still really missed her Grammy. The tears kept falling as the flashbacks continued.

Molly had slept with her Grammy for awhile but then her stomach started hurting. She was hungry.

Why wouldn’t her Grammy wake up? What was wrong with her?

Later that day Molly emptied out the cookie jar. She kept running back to the bedroom to check on her Grammy but she was always sleeping!

When it got dark outside Molly had started to get scared. She grabbed her favorite book and took it to her Grammy. Grammy always read to her at night as they cuddled in Grammy’s big chair.

Grammy was good at making Molly feel better when she was scared. She would tickle her making Molly giggle and forget about being scared.

Molly remembered how badly she had wanted her Grammy to wake up and chase away the scaries, like she always had done.

Trying to feel better Molly had opened the book, but the words were too big. All she could do was look at the pictures. She remembers shaking because of strange noises.

How scary that night had been. Molly had no idea what to do, so she snuggled gainst her Grammy. She had wrapped Grammy’s arm around her and cried herself to sleep.

“Molly! Its time for supper. Come on down.”

Slowly her memories began to fade. Molly was brought back to the present as she heard her Mommy calling again.

“I’m coming! She called back. Tomorrow would be another day for thinking, now it was suppertime.

A smile came to her face when she remembered what they were going to do after supper! They were going to go visit her friend’s farm.

Molly scampered down the tree and into the house. She loved visiting the farm. She would eat as fast as she could. How she hoped that there wouldn’t be any green beans for supper!

36 thoughts on “The Thinking Tree

  1. Mommy Kimberly might want to put a secret microphone in that tree, and hear what Molly has been saying.

    But I must admit, I got just the tiniest smidgen of a lump in my throat while reading this, though it was probably a berry seed from the smoothie my wife made. And I’m finding it a little hard to swallow. Must be strep throat. I think I need some sleep. Good night.

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  2. Molly climbed up in her tree and speculated about where she could score some more Reese’s Peanut Butter Cupsβ€”my personal favorite candy bar.

    Liked by 1 person

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