51 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. 12 hours in a car? Yuck! I got branded early with some of our long cross-country trips when I was a kid. My dad thought nothing of driving 700-800 miles one day and getting up and doing the same thing the next day. Pure torture for a kid. I’m only good for about four hours, and I start going loony. I’ll take a plane if I can.

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  2. I’ll take the 12 hours in a car! Tippy makes some good points on this one, PLUS … I stand a chance of walking away if something goes wrong with the car, but hanging a mile above earth’s surface, if the plane faults, I’m DOA. Happy for your ‘brewing excitement’ … keeping fingers crossed!!!

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  3. A professional massage is a real treat. I always tell my gal who’s been doing body work on me for over 15 years, “hurt me…hurt me good so I write bad checks to my grandma.’ She always laugh and always complies. 🤣


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