Finding Mr. Right!

This is the conclusion to my The Rowboat Surprise post. 


A scream made Edmund almost drop his paddle. Danny screamed again. 

“Its Ok kid, you don’t need to scream.” Danny took one look at him and opened his mouth to scream again but Edmund covered his mouth with his hand, “Ouch!” Edmund pulled his hand away. “He bit me!” 

Billy was trying not to laugh, and that made Edmund more mad. 

“You think that is funny.” 

” Sorry, but what do you expect? The kid is scared. Did you think he was really going to be Ok with waking up on a different boat with strange men on it?” 

Edmund sighed, Billy was right. He again kicked himself for ever getting mixed up with this crazy lady in the first place! Kidnapping was not a job skill that he had wanted to acquire! 

Danny had calmed down some as he intently listened to Billy and Edmund talking. They didn’t seem quite as scary now, though he was feeling uneasy about where they were taking him. He thought of jumping out of the boat and making a swim for it, but he wasn’t dumb enough to think that he could outswim them. Plus he always had been one that loved adventure. When school resumed again, and he had to write a report about what he did over the summer, well this little adventure would make his classmates speechless! 

“Hey! Where are we going? I do need to be home by suppertime, you know.” Danny said. 

Billy and Edmund looked at each other. “Its a secret place, we will be there soon.” Billy replied. 

Danny was silent, trying to imagine where they could possibly be taking him and why! He was thinking how he probably shouldn’t have read that science fiction book last night. His imagination was beginning to run away with him and as much as he loved adventure, he was thinking that maybe this wasn’t an adventure that he wanted. 

Like Billy said, it wasn’t long before they went under a long bridge and docked the boat right in front of a large Maple tree. 

“Time to get off the boat and take you to see our boss.” Edmund said to Danny. 

Danny looked a little wary, but he followed the guys off the boat without saying a word. Edmund made a promise to himself that if she was to try to hurt the boy he would protect him at any cost! 

As they were walking, Danny saw a strange lady come running to them. Her hair was green and yellow, and she had 3 hands! Danny started shaking, this lady looked like she leapt from the pages of his story that he had read last night. Was that 3 noses on her face? Was she an alien? He froze in his tracks and couldn’t go any farther. 

“Its about time you guys got here, I been waiting all day! Where is he?” the strange lady shouted at Billy and Edmund. 

“He is right behind us, Ma’am.” 

She peered behind them, her eyes fell on Danny and she shrieked! “A boy! You got me a boy!! What were you thinking?” 

Billy and Edmund looked at each other and back at her. ” Didn’t you say anyone?” 

The lady threw her hands up in the air! “OH HELP! How do I put up with these imbeciles ! I said, any MAN! I want a husband you fools! This boy is no good to me!” 

On hearing those words Danny felt relief surge through him! 

“Take him back!”

“I will be more than happy too.” said Edmund. He turned and looked at  Danny, “Ready to go?” 

“Yes sir!” and Danny took off running as fast as he could for the boat, with Edmund close behind. 

“Hey, I am coming too.” yelled Billy as he ran after them. 

“Pitiful! They are absolutely no help! Obviously if you want something done right you have to do it yourself. So where am I going to find a husband?” 

What was that cheerful sound? The lady perked up her ears, listening to the whistling and watching to see who was coming. 

She gasped as she started to swoon and see hearts in front of her. A tall, handsome guy was walking down the path with a fishing pole. He was headed towards the lake, and oh was he dreamy. That hair, she had never seen such luxurious, wavy hair. Not only was it so wavy, but it was a fascinating shade of blue! 

That was him, that was her husband to be, thought the lady. 

Being totally unaware of anyone watching him, Mason sat down at the lake to get his fishing pole ready. The lady crept closer to him. 

He threw his line into the lake and then grabbed his thermos. Taking off the lid, the smell of his strong, black coffee wafted through the air. The potent smell made the lady dizzy and faint. Oh, her hopes were dashed! She couldn’t be around that smell, she would have to continue looking. 

Wait! There was another man coming. Her breath caught once again. He was carrying bottled water. Now that she could handle. When you had 3 noses you couldn’t be around anything that smelled too strong! Maybe, just maybe he would be the one, she thought. 

“Hey Tippner! You made it. Beautiful day for fishing, isn’t it.” Mason said, as Tippner walked over to him.

The lady watched them chatting and laughing. Mason made a joke and Tippner started laughing so hard that something shot out of his mouth! The lady wasn’t able to see what it was, but she heard Tippner yell. “My teeth!” as he watched them fall into the lake. 

Quickly the lady got up. There was no need to waste anymore time here. These men were definitely not going to work for her. She didn’t want someone with false teeth! Oh, what trouble men were, maybe she would reconsider searching for a husband. But how she liked that vibrant blue hair! 


34 thoughts on “Finding Mr. Right!

  1. Those weren’t false teeth. Tippner had a mouthful of Chiclets when Mason made a funny pun. He laughed so hard, all the Chiclets flew out of his mouth and into the river. Now this old witch–I don’t know her name, so let’s just call her Cara–passed up a chance to marry a very handsome and intelligent husband, when she passed up Mason and Tippner.

    But finally Billy and Edmund kidnapped an unsuspecting, but handsome and intelligent man who mistook the boat for one he had rented. He was forced to marry the old witch. His name was Bard. Poor Bard.

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