Tuesday’s Thoughts!


Happy Tuesday! I hope you have already laughed at least once today and smiled. I am smiling as I think of where I will be next week at this time. I will explain, closer to the time. My kids are excited and smiling about going to Hershey Park next week. We are fortunate to live close, so they have been going since they been little. As for my husband and I, age kicked in! I can not do the spinning rides anymore and I have never been a big fan of roller coasters. Is there something special that you are looking forward too? Keep Smiling and I hope you enjoy the quotes! 











49 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. I’m going with #7 and #9 today. It’s great that you and your family are carrying on your tradition. We just completed our 12th family reunion.

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    • Politeness goes a long way doesn’t it!
      I think I confused people. My kids are going to Hershey Park with friends. I will be somewhere else. Stay tuned and you will find out. 😉


      • Joy, sorry about that. My oldest loved roller coasters, so when my wife and I went along, we had to take turns riding them with him. There was one at Williamsburg, VA that I said you are on your own and waited at the finish. Keith

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        • No problem Keith, I was the one that confused people! My husband likes roller coasters fortunately so he would go on the kids and I was more than happy to wait at the bottom. They have got me on some, but I don’t blame you for saying, “You are on your own!” There is one called Sky Fall at HP where you are taken Wayyyy too high in the air and just dropped. That is one that I refused to go on. My family is crazy!

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          • Joy, good for your husband. One of my challenges is I am 6’5″, so it is hard to fold me up in those seats. I had to sit sideways a little. The one I passed on paused at the top and let you look down before the fall. No thank you. Keith


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